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Evonik’s Sustainable Remediation Efforts Awarded Bronze at German Brownfield Award® 2024

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, in collaboration with AECOM and Sensatec, is employing its EHC® Reagent to remediate groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the Pioneer Park urban development site in Hanau. The former military barracks site, undergoing transformation into … Read the full press release

Qatar Free Zones Authority and Evonik Join Forces for Sustainable Energy Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZ) and Evonik, a leading specialty chemicals company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Qatar Economic Forum to explore investment opportunities focused on sustainable energy transition solutions. The agreement aims to … Read the full press release

Evonik Expands RESOMER® Biomaterial Production with Advanced Micronization Technology

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has enhanced its capabilities for RESOMER® powder biomaterials at its Darmstadt site in Germany with the implementation of advanced solvent-free micronization technology. This innovation allows for the production of customized powders with varied particle sizes and material … Read the full press release

Evonik Unveils Next-Gen Sustainable Additives at UTECH Europe 2024

(IN BRIEF) Evonik is set to showcase its latest solutions for the polyurethane industry at UTECH Europe 2024, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable innovation and deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry. Highlighting its portfolio transformation towards sustainable additive solutions based on … Read the full press release

Evonik Showcases Sustainable Solutions at China Feed Industry Expo 2024

(IN BRIEF) Evonik is set to underscore the importance of supply security and sustainability in its amino acids portfolio at the China Feed Industry Expo 2024. With a focus on animal nutrition, the company will introduce its latest products and … Read the full press release

Evonik’s DEGACRYL® Specialty Acrylate Production Goes Green with Renewable Energy

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s Coating & Adhesive Resins Business Line in Darmstadt, Germany, has transitioned its production of DEGACRYL® specialty acrylates to renewable energy sources, reducing annual CO2 emissions by approximately 1,400 metric tons. This move aligns with the business line’s … Read the full press release

Evonik Receives Second Consecutive Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Award for Cell Culture Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has been honored with the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Award (ABEA) for the second consecutive year, specifically in the category of Best New Bioprocessing Supplier Award: Upstream Processing, for its Cell Culture Solutions portfolio. As a crucial component … Read the full press release

Evonik Vland Biotech Launches Joint Venture to Enhance Animal Gut Health Solutions

(IN BRIEF) The joint venture, Evonik Vland Biotech, established by Evonik China and Shandong Vland Biotech, officially commenced operations in Binzhou, China, aiming to bolster the market presence of probiotics for livestock gut health in the Greater China region while … Read the full press release

Evonik’s EUDRAGIT® Polymers: Pioneering Pharmaceutical Innovation for 70 Years

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s EUDRAGIT® polymers, renowned coatings for pharmaceuticals, celebrate 70 years of revolutionizing drug delivery. With over 23,000 patents and 10,000 scientific publications, these methacrylate polymers have become industry standards, employed in formulations for modified drug release across 80 … Read the full press release

EIB Provides €500 Million Loan to Evonik for Sustainable Transformation

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, Germany’s second-largest chemical company, has secured a €500 million framework loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to accelerate its sustainable transformation. The financing will support Evonik’s Next Generation Solutions portfolio, which focuses on energy-efficient, bio-based, and … Read the full press release

Evonik Launches Skin Institute to Revolutionize Cosmetics with Science-Backed Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Evonik introduces the Evonik Skin Institute, a global network of life science experts and labs aimed at bolstering support for claim-substantiated cosmetics. This initiative merges Evonik’s advanced biotech platform with a global network of evaluation labs, enhancing customer … Read the full press release

Evonik and Desktop Metal Strengthen Collaboration, Qualify INFINAM® ST 6100 L for Large Format ETEC 3D Printers

(IN BRIEF) Evonik and Desktop Metal have enhanced their partnership with the qualification of Evonik’s INFINAM® ST 6100 L photopolymer on Desktop Metal’s ETEC Xtreme 8K and Pro XL 3D printers. INFINAM® ST 6100 L, renowned for its high strength … Read the full press release

Evonik Enhances Animal Nutrition Services with Release of US Crop Report Integrated into AMINODat® 6.2

(IN BRIEF) Evonik announces the release of the 2023 US Crop Report, which has been integrated into its AMINODat® 6.2 database, marking a significant advancement in its animal nutrition services. This state-specific data for corn and soybean meal, exclusively from … Read the full press release

Revolutionizing Skincare: Evonik Invests in Jland Biotech to Launch Vegan Collagen

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has partnered with Jland Biotech to introduce vegan collagen for cosmetic and personal care applications. Through an investment from Evonik’s Venture Capital group, the collaboration aims to meet the rising demand for sustainable collagen solutions in skincare. … Read the full press release

Evonik to Introduce New Class of rPEG Lipids for Enhanced Immunogenicity in Drug Delivery

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has partnered with the University of Mainz to commercialize a new class of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) called randomized polyethylene glycols (rPEGs). These rPEGs will be integrated into Evonik’s specialized lipid platform for drug delivery in nucleic acid-based … Read the full press release

RWE Inks Major Power Purchase Agreements with German Industrial Giants

(IN BRIEF) RWE Supply & Trading has finalized Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with seven prominent German industrial customers, securing the supply of approximately 1,000 gigawatt hours per year of green electricity from its Kaskasi offshore wind farm starting in 2026. … Read the full press release

Evonik and Uniper Launch TORTE Project to Harness Industrial Waste Heat for District Heating

(IN BRIEF) Evonik and Uniper have initiated the Technical Options for Thermal Energy Recovery (TORTE) project in Gelsenkirchen as part of Evonik’s broader sustainability initiative, the ‘Herne Green Deal’, aimed at transforming the Herne chemical site. The TORTE project will … Read the full press release

Evonik Launches Flame Retardant 3D Printing Resin for Aerospace and Automotive Industries

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has introduced a new photopolymer resin, INFINAM® FR 4100L, specifically designed for DLP 3D printers, offering both flame retardancy and mechanical durability when cured. With a UL 94 flame retardancy rating of V-0 at 3mm thickness, the … Read the full press release

Evonik Expands Silica Production in Charleston, USA to Meet Growing Tire Industry Demand

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, a prominent silica producer, is investing in the expansion of its precipitated silica plant in Charleston, USA, to meet the rising demand, particularly from the tire industry in North America. The investment, amounting to a mid-double-digit million … Read the full press release

Evonik Completes Pioneering Sustainable Biosurfactant Facility in Slovakia Ahead of Schedule

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has successfully completed its industrial-scale facility for sustainable biosurfactants in Slovakia, becoming the world’s first plant to produce sustainable rhamnolipid biosurfactants. These high-quality biosurfactants are manufactured through a biogenic, carbon-based fermentation process, eliminating the need for petrochemical … Read the full press release

Evonik Launches VISIOMER® HEMA-P 100: An Innovative Flame Retardant Monomer

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has introduced VISIOMER® HEMA-P 100, a groundbreaking phosphate methacrylate monomer known for its nonmigratory and long-lasting effects. This innovative monomer enhances transparency while providing flame retardancy, improved adhesion, and corrosion reduction. It serves as an effective adhesion … Read the full press release

Evonik Appoints Dr. Max Preisenberger as Head of Catalysts Business Line

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has named Dr. Max Preisenberger as the new head of its Catalysts business line, succeeding the retired Sanjeev Taneja. Dr. Preisenberger, who previously oversaw Finance and Strategy in the Specialty Additives division, brings a strong background in … Read the full press release

Evonik Honored with Cefic Responsible Care® Award for Sustainable Biosurfactants

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has been awarded the Responsible Care® Award by the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) in the “Safe and Sustainable Chemicals” category for its innovative glycolipid biosurfactants platform. The company’s glycolipid biosurfactants, developed using biotechnology, are recognized for … Read the full press release

Evonik Acquires Full Control of Thai Peroxide Company to Expand Specialty Peroxides Offering in Asia Pacific

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has completed the acquisition of Thai Peroxide Company Limited (TPL), a former joint venture, to expand its specialty-grade hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid offerings in the Asia Pacific region. TPL is a significant regional supplier of these … Read the full press release

Evonik Expands POLYVEST® HT Plant in Marl, Germany to Strengthen Its Position in the Specialty Chemicals Market

(IN BRIEF) Specialty chemicals company Evonik is investing double-digit millions of euros to expand its POLYVEST® HT plant in Marl, Germany. This expansion, expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2024, will increase production capacity for hydroxyl-terminated polybutadienes … Read the full press release

Evonik’s Mobile Site Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification for Renewable Isophorone Production

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s Mobile, Alabama site has earned the prestigious ISCC PLUS sustainability certificate for its pioneering use of renewable acetone in the production of isophorone-based products, allowing Evonik to introduce its VESTA eCO series to the U.S. market. By … Read the full press release

Evonik Introduces INFINAM® eCO PA12, Pioneering Sustainable 3D Printing with Bio-Circular Raw Material

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, a leading specialty chemicals company, is driving the circular plastics economy in additive manufacturing by introducing INFINAM® eCO PA12, the world’s first PA12 powder material for industrial 3D printing that substitutes 100 percent of fossil feedstock with … Read the full press release

Evonik Launches GMP Production of Plant-Based Squalene PhytoSquene® for Pharmaceutical Use

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s life sciences division, Nutrition & Care, has introduced GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) production of PhytoSquene®, a non-animal-derived squalene derived from amaranth oil. PhytoSquene® offers a sustainable alternative to squalene sourced from shark liver oil and is intended … Read the full press release

Evonik Completes Expansion of Shanghai Catalyst Plant for Green Hydrogen Production

(IN BRIEF) Evonik Industries has successfully relocated and expanded its precious metal powder catalyst plant in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP), with production set to commence in Q4 2023. The company has signed an agreement with Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies to … Read the full press release

Evonik Expands Precious Metal Powder Catalyst Plant in Shanghai to Meet Growing Demand

(IN BRIEF) Evonik Industries has successfully relocated and expanded its precious metal powder catalyst plant in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP). Production at the new facility is set to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023. The expanded plant … Read the full press release

3D-Printed Components Transform Cargo Bikes into Ultralight Urban Transport

(IN BRIEF) Maniac & Sane, a cargo-bike manufacturer based in Darmstadt, Germany, is using 3D-printed components made of Evonik’s INFINAM® PA12 high-performance plastic to create ultralight cargo bikes. These cargo bikes are becoming popular in European city centers for environmentally … Read the full press release

Evonik Collaborates with Röhm to Supply Catalyst for Groundbreaking MMA Plant

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, a leader in specialty chemicals, has entered into an agreement with Röhm to produce a custom catalyst for Röhm’s new methyl methacrylate (MMA) production facility in Bay City, Texas. The plant, using Röhm’s LiMA (Leading in Methacrylates) … Read the full press release

Evonik Expands Rubber Silanes Plant to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainable Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, a global leader in specialty chemicals, has expanded and commenced production at its rubber silanes plant, Evonik Lanxing (Rizhao) Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. The state-of-the-art facility, established as a joint venture with DEG and Rizhao Lanxing Chemical … Read the full press release

Evonik’s Climate Targets Confirmed by Science-Based Initiative, Paving the Way for Sustainable Growth

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s climate targets have been scientifically verified and confirmed by the independent Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), aligning with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming. The company aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by … Read the full press release

Evonik’s Health Care Site in France Achieves Carbon Neutrality, Advancing Sustainable Practices

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s Health Care production site in Ham, France, has achieved carbon neutrality by reducing its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions to zero. This milestone aligns with Evonik Health Care’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral in Scope 1 … Read the full press release

TEGO® Cycle: Evonik’s Breakthrough Additives for Energy-Efficient Plastic Recycling

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, a specialty chemicals company, has launched TEGO® Cycle, a range of additives aimed at improving the process and quality of recycled plastics. The additives save energy during mechanical recycling and enhance polymer properties, facilitating the transition to … Read the full press release

Lenzing Takes Step Towards Net Zero Emissions with New Carbon Neutral LENZING™ Acetic Acid Biobased

(IN BRIEF) Lenzing Group is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its biorefinery and co-product brand LENZING™ Acetic Acid Biobased, which is a leading and trusted provider of biobased acetic acid. To mark the occasion, Lenzing is introducing its first carbon … Read the full press release

Evonik Launches ELATUR® TM, a New High-Temperature Resistant Plasticizer

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has launched a new plasticizer product called ELATUR® TM, which belongs to the trimellitate group and offers a combination of high temperature resistance, low volatility, and low migration behavior. The new product is suitable for high-temperature cables, … Read the full press release

Evonik Coating Additives launches wetting agents to improve flow and leveling in coatings

(IN BRIEF) Evonik’s Coating Additives Business Line is launching two new wetting agents, TEGO® Wet 290 and TEGO® Wet 296, which can be used on various substrates such as wood, plastic, and metal surfaces. They are especially useful for waterborne … Read the full press release

Evonik presents innovative solutions for architectural, automotive, and packaging surfaces at European Coatings Show 2023

(IN BRIEF) Specialty chemicals company Evonik will showcase its latest solutions for the coatings, inks, and adhesives industry at the European Coatings Show 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company’s latest solutions aim to improve both the performance and the sustainability … Read the full press release