BMT and QECC Drive Innovation in Navigation Training with Advanced Simulators

Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (RO8) returns back to her homeport of Portsmouth’ courtesy of MOD ‘Crown Copyright

(IN BRIEF) BMT has partnered with QECC (Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers) to revolutionize navigation training through a multi-year pilot training program. The collaboration involves the optimization of BMT’s ship and tug bridge simulator suite to enhance the practice of challenging manoeuvres and berthing strategies. The latest platform navigation software, supported by advanced hydrographic dynamic S-100 data, will deliver exceptional e-navigation capabilities and situational awareness. The partnership aims to accelerate training throughput and improve the delivery of sustainable distributed training for Admiralty Pilots in Portsmouth. BMT’s renowned navigational simulator technology, ‘BMT REMBRANDT’, will play a significant role in this initiative. The project is supported by UK MOD and will elevate the United Kingdom’s naval technical training.

(PRESS RELEASE) TEDDINGTON, 19-May-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — BMT Group Ltd (BMT), a leading international multi-disciplinary engineering, science, and technology company, has been awarded a Hydrodynamic Marine Simulator Training contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The contract aims to provide optimal levels of safety, operational efficiency, readiness, and advanced 5-bridge training capabilities for the Admiralty Pilots and Tug Masters of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

Dr Phil Thompson, Maritime Products Director at BMT, said, “BMT is very proud by the trust and confidence displayed by the Ministry of Defence through the award of this contract to transform and deliver training to the Admiralty Pilots and Tug Masters of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers in Portsmouth.

“In addition to this award, the Admiralty Pilots will be put through their paces this month during a stint of ‘high-octane training in Port’, and through the most challenging of waters at high speed, at our newly-launched and expanded south-east training facility in Fareham. This new education and training initiative from BMT will enable the Admiralty Pilots and Tug operators to test and exploit our proprietary-designed muti-bridge hardware and software platforms, allowing them to train within a totally immersive synthetic port environment that’s underpinned by hitherto unsurpassed dynamic and granular tidal and water level data and supported by precision ship hydrodynamic modelling,” added Thompson.

“Our talented software team’s fusion and stitching together of the company’s highest-standard hardware and ‘BMT REMBRANDT’ software platform is the very latest of its ‘navy mastery modelling’ that helps to shape the process of learning for current and future Admiralty Pilots, including operators of other specialist/capital ship classes such as aircraft carriers and assault ships, enabling them to achieve competency and to navigate securely and reliably in Port and in restricted/complex waterways,” concluded Thompson.

As part of a multi-year pilot training programme agreement, BMT will support the transformation of navigation training across the QECC (Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers) platforms. This includes the optimization of BMT’s fully networked ship and tug bridge simulator suite by the pilotage and tugs teams, enabling them to practice challenging manoeuvring and berthing strategies. BMT’s latest platform navigation software, supported by cutting-edge hydrographic dynamic S-100 data, delivers hydraulic and hydrodynamic synthetic environments, providing the highest levels of precision e-navigation, situational awareness, and realism. BMT’s innovative solution will accelerate training throughput and enhance the delivery of sustainable distributed training for Admiralty Pilots in Portsmouth, particularly in complex tow-outs and ship manoeuvring situations.

As the sole contractor leading this programme, BMT leverages its flagship navigational simulator technology, ‘BMT REMBRANDT’, along with its extensive commercial field experience supporting ship, port, and terminal operators and pilots worldwide. BMT’s pioneering S-100 synthetic modelling developments have been recognized, with the recent capture of the inaugural Admiralty Innovation Prize.

BMT is actively involved in training initiatives within the expanding commercial maritime and naval pilotage markets. The company also licenses ‘BMT REMBRANDT’ to leading national statutory agencies, including the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Dutch Safety Board, and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Drawing on the expertise of its UK and international industry partners, as well as its ports and coastal infrastructure stakeholders, BMT is committed to delivering a diverse, innovative, and enduring enhancement to the United Kingdom’s naval technical training. BMT’s training systems integration will fully leverage its state-of-the-art navigation technology, ‘BMT REMBRANDT’, and the newest iteration of 5-bridge marine navigation simulators to ensure optimized navigation and manoeuvring training for Admiralty Pilots in Portsmouth, in adherence to the highest industry safety standards.

BMT extends its gratitude to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the publication of the ‘QECC naval training’ press release on the Royal Navy website, highlighting the significance of hi-tech tug training in supporting the safe movement of Royal Navy carriers.

Banner image: ‘Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (RO8) returns back to her homeport of Portsmouth,’ courtesy of MOD ‘Crown Copyright’.



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