University of Copenhagen: Crown Princess Mary Scholarship awarded to Australian exchange students Tennille Louise Vitagliano and Max Kausman

In addition to the Crown Princess and representatives from the University of Copenhagen, the Australian ambassador, Mary Ellen Miller also attended the award ceremony.

COPENHAGEN, 21-May-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — On 17 May, HRH Crown Princess Mary awarded the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to Australian exchange students Tennille Louise Vitagliano and Max Kausman. The two students come from the University of Copenhagen’s Australian partner universities in Sydney and Melbourne.

For the 14th time, the Crown Princess handed out scholarships to two Australian exchange students at the University of Copenhagen when the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship was awarded on 17 May at a ceremony at the University.

The two recipients, Tennille Louise Vitagliano and Max Kausman, are students from Western Sydney University and Monash University in Melbourne, respectively.

This year, the University of Copenhagen received a total of 13 well-written and well-motivated applications from Australian exchange students and, according to Rector Henrik C. Wegener, a strong field of applicants had intensified the competition particularly this year.

“It’s very tempting to point to the fact that Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki won this year’s Australian Open.  Every Grand Slam tournament is tough and the competition is hard.  So, too, is the selection process for the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship.  Nevertheless, unlike the Australian Open, we have two winners of the same competition,” Rector Henrik C. Wegener began his speech at the award ceremony.

Dual purpose of studying abroad

For both scholarship recipients, their stay at the University of Copenhagen is based on both an academic and a social motivation.  In addition to being students at the University of Copenhagen, societal involvement and being part of the Copenhagen youth culture has been pivotal for the two Australians. That’s why Max chose to move into a Danish dormitory with Danish roommates during his stay in Copenhagen, just as it has been a key driver for Tennille to work towards making science accessible to younger generations and inspire them to pursue an education.

“For both of you, what you want to gain from your study abroad at the University of Copenhagen is two-fold.  You want to access the advanced research within your academic field here at the University.  But, you also wish to expand your network and share your knowledge with the rest of society,” the Crown Princess said in her speech to her two fellow Australians.

SOURCE: University of Copenhagen

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