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Coordinated Action Targets Illegal Exports to Russia; Three Suspects Arrested

(IN BRIEF) Eurojust and Europol supported a joint operation by Dutch, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Canadian authorities targeting alleged violations of export sanctions to Russia. During the operation, three suspects were apprehended, and 14 locations were searched as part of … Read the full press release

Coordinated Operation Across Four Countries Targets Online Trading Fraud Network Defrauding Millions

(IN BRIEF) Judicial and law enforcement authorities from Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Sweden collaborated in a coordinated action against an organized crime group suspected of online trading fraud. The criminal network operated fraudulent online trading platforms from call centers and … Read the full press release

Eurojust Joins Forces with Belgium’s EU Presidency to Combat Drug Trafficking

(IN BRIEF) Belgium, holding the EU Council Presidency, is prioritizing efforts to combat organized drug-related crime, focusing on logistic hubs and major ports. Eurojust, the EU’s criminal justice cooperation agency, will collaborate with third countries to address cross-border drug trafficking. … Read the full press release

José Luis Ferreira Trindade Appointed Eurojust National Member for Portugal

(IN BRIEF) José Luis Ferreira Trindade has been named the Eurojust National Member for Portugal, assuming the role starting from November 8, 2023. He succeeds António Cluny, who held the position since 2014. Prior to his appointment as National Member, … Read the full press release

Czech and Ukrainian Police Disrupt Prolific Phishing Gang Defrauding Victims Across Europe

(IN BRIEF) Czech and Ukrainian police, with support from Europol and Eurojust, have dismantled a prolific phishing gang responsible for defrauding victims across Europe of tens of millions of euros. The criminal group, which primarily targeted Czech victims, conducted voice … Read the full press release

U.S. Commits $1 Million to Eurojust’s ICPA in Support of Ukraine Aggression Prosecution

(IN BRIEF) The U.S. Department of State has pledged USD 1 million to support the International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression Against Ukraine (ICPA), hosted at Eurojust. Eurojust, the European Union’s agency for judicial cooperation in … Read the full press release

Eurojust Coordinates Crackdown on International Online Fraud Network

(IN BRIEF) Eurojust, at the request of Swiss authorities, has organized a series of actions against an online fraud network operating in multiple EU Member States, Georgia, and Ukraine. The investigation into this investment scam began in October 2019, revealing … Read the full press release

Improved Eurojust Regulation Empowers EU Against Terrorism

(IN BRIEF) European Union (EU) judicial authorities are strengthening their efforts to combat terrorism by enhancing information sharing with Eurojust. An amendment to the Eurojust Regulation allows EU Member States to share a broader range of information on ongoing and … Read the full press release

Eurojust Welcomes New Liaison Prosecutors from Moldova and Norway to Boost Cross-Border Crime Cooperation

(IN BRIEF) Eurojust, the EU’s judicial cooperation agency, welcomes two new Liaison Prosecutors. For the first time, Moldova has stationed a prosecutor at Eurojust’s headquarters in The Hague to strengthen cooperation on cross-border crime cases. The new Liaison Prosecutor for … Read the full press release

Vincent Jamin Appointed Administrative Director of Eurojust, EU’s Criminal Justice Cooperation Agency

(IN BRIEF) The College of Eurojust has appointed Vincent Jamin as the new Administrative Director of the agency. Jamin, a French prosecutor with 25 years of experience in criminal justice, has held various positions at Eurojust since 2010, including heading … Read the full press release

Major Multinational Operation Dismantles Global Malware Network: Eurojust’s Integral Role in Taking Down Qakbot

(IN BRIEF) A global operation led by the US has successfully taken down the ‘Qakbot’ malware network that infected 700,000 computers and caused massive financial damage. Collaborating with countries like France, Germany, and the UK, the initiative disrupted cybercrime. Eurojust … Read the full press release

European Judicial Network Anniversary Plenary Meeting in Stockholm Highlights Cross-Border Cooperation Milestones

(IN BRIEF) The European Judicial Network (EJN) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The EJN assists judges and prosecutors worldwide with day-to-day cooperation on criminal justice matters through a network of National Contact Points. The network has experienced a rise in … Read the full press release

Migrant Smuggling Ring Brought Down in Multi-Country Operation Coordinated by Eurojust and Europol

(IN BRIEF) A collaborative effort between Eurojust and Europol has led to the successful dismantling of an organized crime group involved in smuggling migrants into Germany. The operation involved authorities from Germany, Romania, Serbia, and Austria. During a joint action … Read the full press release

Gruppierungen der organisierten Kriminalität nach gemeinsamen Ermittlungen der Tschechischen Republik und Finnlands zerschlagen

(IN KÜRZE) Ein kriminelles Netzwerk, das am Menschenhandel zum Zweck der sexuellen Ausbeutung beteiligt ist, wurde durch gemeinsame Bemühungen der Tschechischen Republik und Finnlands mit Unterstützung von Eurojust und Europol zerschlagen. Die organisierte Kriminalität rekrutierte Frauen in der Tschechischen Republik … Read the full press release

Organized Crime Groups Dismantled Following Joint Investigations by Czech Republic and Finland

(IN BRIEF) A criminal network involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation has been dismantled by the joint efforts of the Czech Republic and Finland, with the support of Eurojust and Europol. The organized crime groups recruited women in the … Read the full press release