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Schroders Tops Forest 500 Assessment for Second Consecutive Year, Urgent Action Needed on Deforestation

(IN BRIEF) Schroders celebrates its recognition as the leading financial institution in Global Canopy’s Forest 500 annual assessment, reaffirming its commitment to addressing deforestation in investment operations and supply chains. The report, evaluating companies and financial institutions across key commodities, … Read the full press release

Ingka Group’s Investment Arm Acquires 23,883 Hectares of Forestland Across the Baltics for Responsible Forest Management

(IN BRIEF) Ingka Investments, the investment arm of Ingka Group, has acquired 23,883 hectares of land, including 19,276 hectares of forestland, across Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. This acquisition aligns with their commitment to responsible forest management. The properties contain a … Read the full press release

Neste Recognized with Leadership Status and A− Rating by CDP for Climate Actions

(IN BRIEF) Neste has achieved Leadership status and an A− rating for its climate actions in the annual assessment conducted by the global non-profit organization CDP. This recognition is for Neste’s environmental transparency and climate performance. The company has consistently … Read the full press release

Distinguished Anthropologist Eduardo Brondizio Receives 2023 Volvo Environment Prize for Amazon Sustainability Efforts

(IN BRIEF) Eduardo Brondizio, an Anthropologist Professor from Indiana University, Bloomington, has been awarded the 2023 Volvo Environment Prize for his extensive research spanning over three decades on the Amazon region’s environmental challenges. Contrary to common belief, Brondizio highlights the … Read the full press release

Peruvian Cocoa Industry Adapts to European Regulations on Deforestation with Support from Solidaridad

(IN BRIEF) Peru’s cocoa industry, experiencing rapid growth in exports, faces the challenge of complying with new European Union regulations aimed at reducing deforestation in agricultural commodities. Solidaridad, in collaboration with partner organizations and the Peruvian government, is coordinating efforts … Read the full press release

Capgemini to optimize cloud environment for JAPETUS nanosatellite constellation

(IN BRIEF) Capgemini has been selected by Prométhée, a French NewSpace operator, to develop the mission center for its first European constellation, JAPETUS. The constellation, supported by CNES, the French Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, and … Read the full press release

Ecopost and Borealis Take Action Against Plastic Waste and Environmental Degradation in Kenya

(IN BRIEF) Ecopost, a Kenyan company that recycles plastic waste to create eco-friendly alternatives for fencing, signage, and building materials, has partnered with Borealis to boost waste recycling in Kenya and promote a circular economy. Borealis will fund Ecopost’s activities, … Read the full press release

Mitsubishi Corporation s’associe à Solidaridad pour distribuer des foyers économes en énergie aux producteurs de cacao nigérians

(ACTUALITÉ EN BREF) Mitsubishi Corporation et Solidaridad se sont associés pour introduire des foyers économes en énergie pour les petits producteurs de cacao dans les États nigérians d’Ondo et de Cross River. La plupart des ménages ruraux du Nigéria utilisent … Read the full press release

Mitsubishi Corporation Partners with Solidaridad to Distribute Energy-Efficient Cookstoves to Nigerian Cocoa Farmers

(IN BRIEF) Mitsubishi Corporation and Solidaridad have partnered to introduce energy-efficient cookstoves to smallholder cocoa farmers in Nigeria’s Ondo and Cross River states. Most rural households in Nigeria use traditional cookstoves made from mud or metal scraps, which require large … Read the full press release

38% of Remaining Amazon Forest Area Affected by Human Disturbance

(IN BRIEF) A new study led by an international team of scientists from institutions including Brazil’s University of Campinas, the Amazon Environmental Research Institute and the University of East Anglia and Lancaster University in the UK, found that over a … Read the full press release

Barry Callebaut makes the CDP’s prestigious A List as a leader in corporate action and transparency on deforestation

(PRESS RELEASE) ZURICH, 17-Dec-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Barry Callebaut Group (SWX: BARN), Switzerland-based cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer, has announced the company, for the first time, made the CDP’s prestigious A List as a leader in corporate action and transparency … Read the full press release

SEB and Planethon pilot a project for the visualization of the customers’ commercial transactions and payments sustainability

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 17-Dec-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (STO: SEB-A) (SEB), a Swedish financial group leader on the Nordic market, has announced its participation in an innovative co-creation project with Planethon, a data-driven, science-based platform and business … Read the full press release

Amazon and Cerrado deforestation: BNP Paribas imposes strict policy and criteria to encourage clients to become ‘zero deforestation’ and transparent

(PRESS RELEASE) PARIS, 15-Feb-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — French international banking group BNP Paribas announces that it has taken steps to help fight deforestation in the Amazon and the Cerrado. Beef and soybean production in Brazil accelerates deforestation in the Amazon … Read the full press release

Zurich to plant 1 million trees to restore biodiversity at Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

(PRESS RELEASE) ZURICH, 21-Sep-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) announces an exclusive reforestation sponsorship in The Atlantic Forest initiative in Brazil. The targeted, sustainable reforestation project will see 1 million trees planted to transform a barren farmland back … Read the full press release

Continental Tires to consolidate all of its sustainability activities and projects into newly created department

ContiLifeCycle plant in Hanover sets new standards in the field of tire recycling Continental to cease importing natural rubber exclusively from the tropics (PRESS RELEASE) HANOVER, 19-Jun-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company Continental AG has announced … Read the full press release

ENGIE recognized for its climate actions by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) with A score based on its 2018 disclosure

(PRESS RELEASE) LA DÉFENSE, France, 30-Jan-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — ENGIE’s CDP disclosure for 2018 has been recognized by the environmental impact non-profit organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). ENGIE has been given an “A” score by CDP, which is the highest in the CDP Climate Change Assessment. This … Read the full press release

WEF: EarthTime combines dramatic images from space with expert analysis of how humans are changing the planet

New website EarthTime, to launch on World Earth Day (22 April), combines NASA satellite imagery with over 300 free, open-source geospatial datasets to show humanity’s impact on the planet EarthTime uses experts to track and connect patterns between a range of topics from deforestation … Read the full press release

Home improvement retail group Kingfisher plc reports on first year of Net Positive

24-6-2013 — /europawire.eu/ — Europe’s leading home improvement retail group, Kingfisher plc, whose UK businesses include B&Q and Screwfix, reports on the progress of Net Positive. Kingfisher plc launched the ground-breaking restorative business programme, which is committed to go beyond zero … Read the full press release