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Industry Giants Join Forces to Transform Discarded Tires into Sustainable Automotive Plastics

(IN BRIEF) Neste, Borealis, and Covestro have partnered to recycle discarded tires into high-quality plastics for automotive applications, aiming to drive circularity in the plastics value chain. Through this collaboration, old tires are transformed into raw materials, processed into base … Read the full press release

Borealis Partners with Burgenland Energie for Green Energy Transition

(IN BRIEF) Borealis, a leading provider of sustainable polyolefins solutions, and Burgenland Energie, Austria’s top wind and solar power producer, have signed their first power purchase agreement (PPA) to drive renewable energy usage. Commencing in January 2026, Burgenland Energie will … Read the full press release

TOMRA Partners with OMV and Borealis to Close Plastic Recycling Gaps

(IN BRIEF) TOMRA, in collaboration with OMV and Borealis, is advancing plastic recycling by supplying high-quality raw materials from mixed post-consumer plastic waste. Through long-term feedstock supply agreements, TOMRA’s innovative sorting facility in Germany will provide clean fractions of specific … Read the full press release

Borealis Invests €4.5 Million in Porvoo Cracker Furnaces to Boost Circular Economy Efforts

(IN BRIEF) In a bid to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, Borealis has announced a significant investment of EUR 4.5 million in the cracker furnaces of its Porvoo site. This investment aims to increase the utilization of renewable … Read the full press release

Borealis Expands Circular Economy Commitment with Acquisition of Integra Plastics AD

(IN BRIEF) Borealis announces the successful acquisition of Integra Plastics AD, a Bulgarian advanced mechanical recycling player, solidifying its position in the circular economy landscape. Integra Plastics’ state-of-the-art recycling plant, with an annual capacity exceeding 20,000 tons, significantly bolsters Borealis’ … Read the full press release

Borealis Achieves FDA Approval for Borcycle™ M Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics in Food-Grade Packaging

(IN BRIEF) Borealis has received Letters of No Objection (LNOs) from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for specific grades of its Borcycle™ M post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) to be used in food-grade packaging. This milestone underscores Borealis’ commitment … Read the full press release

Borealis and AKVA Group Launch World’s First Renewable Plastic Workboat Hull, Redefining Aquaculture Sustainability

(IN BRIEF) Borealis and AKVA Group have collaborated to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable aquaculture: the world’s first workboat hull crafted from renewable plastic. Utilizing Borealis’ Bornewables™ range of renewable polyolefins, AKVA Group’s iconic Polarcirkel series now boasts a … Read the full press release

Borealis-backed Project STOP: Transforming Waste Management in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

(IN BRIEF) Project STOP, a collaboration between Borealis and Systemiq, has achieved significant milestones in its mission to improve waste management in Indonesia. Since its inception, over 400,000 individuals have gained access to waste services, leading to the collection of … Read the full press release

Borealis CEO Thomas Gangl’s Mandate Terminated by Mutual Agreement

(IN BRIEF) The Supervisory Board of Borealis and Thomas Gangl have reached a mutual decision to terminate Gangl’s mandate as CEO of Borealis AG, effective June 30, 2024. Gangl, with a career spanning over two decades at OMV, held key … Read the full press release

Vattenfall and Borealis Forge Renewable Energy Partnership to Drive Decarbonization

(IN BRIEF) Vattenfall and Borealis have entered into a groundbreaking long-term renewable hydropower purchase agreement (PPA) aimed at bolstering sustainability efforts. Starting January 2024, Vattenfall commenced supplying Borealis’ Stenungsund operations with 175 GWh per year of renewable energy sourced from … Read the full press release

Borealis Marks 30 Years of Innovation: Accelerating Industry Transformation and Sustainability

(IN BRIEF) In March 2024, Borealis commemorates its three-decade journey as a pioneer and innovator in the polymers industry, celebrating its contributions to industry advancement and sustainability. Born from a merger between Statoil and Neste, Borealis has evolved into a … Read the full press release

Austrian Industry Giants Spearhead Carbon-Based Value Chain Transformation

(IN BRIEF) Austrian companies Holcim, Verbund, OMV, and Borealis have wrapped up the C2PAT demonstration plant project, aiming to produce carbon-based products from unavoidable CO2 emissions. Instead of a joint pilot plant, each company plans to develop industrially upscaled plants … Read the full press release

Mirjam Mayer Appointed as Vice President of Circular Economy Solutions at Borealis

(IN BRIEF) Borealis has named Mirjam Mayer as the Vice President of Circular Economy Solutions (CES) starting from January 1, 2024. In this role, Mayer will oversee and manage the entire value chain of Borealis’ Circular Economy Solutions. Mayer, who … Read the full press release

Craig Arnold Appointed to Borealis Executive Board as EVP for Polyolefins, Circular Economy, and Innovation & Technology

(IN BRIEF) Borealis has announced the appointment of Craig Arnold, currently serving as Chief Commercial Officer at Ferroglobe PLC, as the new Executive Vice President (EVP) for Polyolefins, Circular Economy Solutions, and Innovation & Technology, effective from February 1, 2024. … Read the full press release

UAE Social and Educational Partnerships: Borealis Renews Support with AED 3 Million Funding

(IN BRIEF) Borealis has renewed its partnership with three prominent social and educational organizations in the UAE through the Borealis Social Fund. They will distribute AED 3 million among the Emirates Foundation, UAE Paralympic Committee, and Emirates National Schools to … Read the full press release

Borealis Successfully Completes Acquisition of Rialti to Strengthen Recyclate-Based Polypropylene Compounding Business

(IN BRIEF) Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the plastics industry, has announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Rialti S.p.A., a prominent European polypropylene (PP) compounder specializing in sustainable PP compounds made from mechanically recycled feedstock. … Read the full press release

Borealis Partners with Alpiq for Long-Term Renewable Energy Supply from Finnish Wind Farm

(IN BRIEF) Borealis, a leading provider of sustainable polyolefin solutions and base chemicals, has forged a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Alpiq, a Swiss energy services provider and European electricity producer. Under this agreement, starting from early 2024, Alpiq … Read the full press release

Borealis Awards Scientific Innovators and Recognizes In-House Talent at Innovation Day

(IN BRIEF) During the Borealis Innovation Day held in Linz, Austria, on October 17, 2023, the Borealis Innovation and Technology team announced the recipients of the Borealis Scientific Innovation Award (BSIA) and the InnoTech Recognitions. The BSIA aims to identify … Read the full press release

Borealis and TotalEnergies Expand Petrochemical Venture with New Baystar Polyethylene Unit

(IN BRIEF) Borealis and TotalEnergies are celebrating the successful start-up of their joint venture, Baystar’s new Borstar® polyethylene (PE) unit in Pasadena, Texas. Representing a significant investment of USD 1.4 billion, this state-of-the-art unit, referred to as Bay 3, doubles … Read the full press release

TotalEnergies and Borealis Enhance U.S. Petrochemical Presence with New Baystar Polyethylene Unit

(IN BRIEF) TotalEnergies and Borealis are celebrating the successful start-up of their joint venture, Baystar’s new Borstar® polyethylene (PE) unit in Bayport, Texas. This unit, with a capacity of 625,000 metric tons per year and an investment of USD 1.4 … Read the full press release

Project STOP Jembrana Successfully Hands Over Waste Management Program, Achieving Circular Economy Goals in Bali

(IN BRIEF) Project STOP Jembrana, funded by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, has successfully implemented a waste management system in Bali, Indonesia, offering waste collection services to over 124,800 people and collecting more than 12,959 tonnes of waste, including … Read the full press release

Borealis Expands Innovation Award to Include Scientists and Start-ups Driving Circular Transformation

(IN BRIEF) Borealis has launched the Borealis Scientific Innovation Award (BSIA) to accelerate the circular transformation and promote sustainable progress. The award aims to recognize innovative ideas from academia, start-ups, scale-ups, engineers, and chemical engineers. Submissions are open until September … Read the full press release

Borealis Completes Sale of Nitrogen Business to AGROFERT, Expanding European Fertilizer Production

(IN BRIEF) Borealis has successfully completed the sale of its nitrogen business to AGROFERT, a Czech-based group active in various industries including chemicals and agriculture. The transaction, valued at EUR 810 million, allows AGROFERT to expand its European presence in … Read the full press release

PFNonwovens Group et Borealis établissent une nouvelle norme industrielle pour la fabrication durable de produits d’hygiène personnelle

(ACTUALITÉ EN BREF) Le groupe PFNonwovens s’est associé à Borealis pour améliorer sa production de matériaux non tissés pour les produits d’hygiène personnelle dans le but de parvenir à un modèle commercial circulaire. L’utilisation de polymères certifiés renouvelables ™ de … Read the full press release

PFNonwovens Group and Borealis set new industry standard for sustainable personal hygiene product manufacturing

(IN BRIEF) PFNonwovens Group has partnered with Borealis to enhance its production of nonwoven materials for personal hygiene products with the aim of achieving a circular business model. The use of certified renewable™ polymers from Borealis will help manufacturers combine … Read the full press release

Ecopost e Borealis agiscono contro i rifiuti di plastica e il degrado ambientale in Kenya

(NOTIZIA IN BREVE) Ecopost, un’azienda keniota che ricicla i rifiuti di plastica per creare alternative ecologiche per recinzioni, segnaletica e materiali da costruzione, ha collaborato con Borealis per aumentare il riciclaggio dei rifiuti in Kenya e promuovere un’economia circolare. Borealis … Read the full press release

Ecopost and Borealis Take Action Against Plastic Waste and Environmental Degradation in Kenya

(IN BRIEF) Ecopost, a Kenyan company that recycles plastic waste to create eco-friendly alternatives for fencing, signage, and building materials, has partnered with Borealis to boost waste recycling in Kenya and promote a circular economy. Borealis will fund Ecopost’s activities, … Read the full press release

Borealis to rely on renewable electricity from Eneco for its production operations in Belgium

New Borealis PPA takes company closer to goal of using 100% electricity obtained from renewable sources in its major business areas by 2030 Ten-year PPA delivers renewable electricity for even larger share of Borealis operations in Belgium starting January 2024 … Read the full press release

Borealis confiará en la electricidad renovable de Eneco para sus operaciones de producción en Bélgica

El nuevo PPA de Borealis acerca a la empresa al objetivo de utilizar el 100 % de la electricidad obtenida de fuentes renovables en sus principales áreas de negocio para 2030 PPA de diez años entrega electricidad renovable para una … Read the full press release

Borealis’ portfolio of premium polyolefins based on renewable feedstock will be deployed by REHAU, a leading supplier of polymer solutions, for the production of sustainable furniture edgebands 

REHAU chooses Borealis’ Bornewables™ over conventional polypropylene (PP) for production of their RAUKANTEX evo sustainable edgebands Robust and durable, the Bornewables™ boast colour-stable chemistry and flexibility, and are suited for straight and contour processing Partnership embodies EverMinds™ approach to unlocking plastics circularity by using … Read the full press release

Le portefeuille de polyoléfines premium de Borealis à base de matières premières renouvelables sera déployé par REHAU, l’un des principaux fournisseurs de solutions polymères, pour la production de bandes de chant durables pour meubles

REHAU choisit Borealis’Bornewables™ plutôt que le polypropylène (PP) conventionnel pour la production de ses bandes de chant durables RAUKANTEX evo Robustes et durables, les Bornewables ™ offrent une chimie et une flexibilité de couleur stable, et sont adaptés au traitement droit … Read the full press release

Borealis’ new Super Low Sag (SLS) black polyethylene PE100-RC pressure pipe material will be used in a major pipeline project in Spain

Tailored polymer architecture and low melt flow rate of newly launched BorSafe™ HE3490-SLS-H prevents sagging and offers very high Slow Crack Growth (SCG) resistance Borealis selected for major pipeline project on basis of proven track record of professional execution, focus … Read the full press release

Das neue PE100-RC-Druckrohrmaterial aus schwarzem PE100-RC-Polyethylen von Borealis (Super Low Sag) wird bei einem großen Pipeline-Projekt in Spanien zum Einsatz kommen

Maßgeschneiderte Polymerarchitektur und niedrige Schmelzflussrate des neu eingeführten BorSafe™ HE3490-SLS-H verhindern „Sagging“ und bieten äußerst hohe Widerstandsfähigkeit gegen langsames Risswachstum (SCG) Borealis wurde aufgrund seiner Bilanz von erfolgreich ausgeführten Projekten, dem Fokus auf höchste Qualität und die effiziente Prozessausrichtung für … Read the full press release

El nuevo material de tubería de presión PE100-RC de polietileno negro Super Low Sag (SLS) de Borealis se utilizará en un importante proyecto de tubería en España

La arquitectura de polímeros a medida y el bajo índice de fluidez del nuevo BorSafe™ HE3490-SLS-H evitan la flacidez y ofrecen una resistencia muy alta al crecimiento lento de grietas (SCG). Borealis seleccionado para un importante proyecto de tubería sobre … Read the full press release

Neste part of the pioneering public blockchain digital system of Circularise and ISCC along with other major companies aimed at verifying material flows and sustainability attributes

(PRESS RELEASE) ESPOO, 13-Sep-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Neste (HEL: NESTE), the world’s leading provider of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel and the 4th most sustainable company in the world, has announced its participation in the pioneering public blockchain digital … Read the full press release

Neste ist Teil des bahnbrechenden öffentlichen digitalen Blockchain-Systems von Circularise und ISCC zusammen mit anderen großen Unternehmen, die darauf abzielen, Materialflüsse und Nachhaltigkeitsattribute zu verifizieren

(PRESSEMITTEILUNG) ESPOO, 13-Sep-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Neste (HEL: NESTE), der weltweit führende Anbieter von erneuerbarem und nachhaltigem Diesel Flugbenzin und das viertnachhaltigste Unternehmen der Welt, hat seine Beteiligung am bahnbrechenden öffentlichen digitalen Blockchain-System von Circularise, einer führenden Softwareplattform, die durchgängige … Read the full press release

Borealis to introduce additional social controls and measures before the start of its mega Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) plant project in Kallo, Belgium

(PRESS RELEASE) VIENNA, 1-Aug-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Borealis, an Austrian chemical company active in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, has announced the postponement the start of its mega Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) plant project in Kallo, Belgium in … Read the full press release

Borealis va introduire des contrôles et des mesures sociales supplémentaires avant le démarrage de son méga projet d’usine de déshydrogénation du propane (PDH) à Kallo, en Belgique

(COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE) VIENNA, 1-Aug-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Borealis, une entreprise chimique autrichienne active dans les domaines des polyoléfines, des produits chimiques de base et fertilisants, a annoncé le report du démarrage de son méga projet d’usine de déshydrogénation du … Read the full press release

Borouge, une joint-venture entre ADNOC et Borealis, annonce le démarrage réussi de sa nouvelle 5ème unité de polypropylène à Ruwais, EAU

Borouge est un catalyseur clé de la stratégie de croissance et de diversification industrielle des Émirats arabes unis, soutenant les chaînes d’approvisionnement industrielles locales et exportant des solutions de polyoléfines vers des clients du monde entier Une autre étape importante … Read the full press release

Borouge, ein Joint Venture zwischen ADNOC und Borealis, gibt die erfolgreiche Inbetriebnahme seiner neuen 5. Polypropylen-Anlage in Ruwais, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate bekannt

Borouge ist ein wichtiger Motor für das industrielle Wachstum und die Diversifizierungsstrategie der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, indem es lokale Industrielieferketten unterstützt und Polyolefinlösungen für Kunden auf der ganzen Welt liefert. Ein weiterer wichtiger Meilenstein auf der Wachstumsreise von Borouge nach … Read the full press release