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Atos Announces Leadership Transition: Jean Pierre Mustier Appointed Chairman

(IN BRIEF) Bertrand Meunier is stepping down as Chairman and Director of the Board at Atos, leading to changes in the company’s leadership. The Nominations and Governance Committee, with Elizabeth Tinkham as its Chair, conducted a rigorous selection process and … Read the full press release

Atos Appoints Yves Bernaert as CEO to Lead Transformation Plan

(IN BRIEF) Atos’s Board of Directors has named Yves Bernaert as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Atos Group, effective immediately. Bernaert’s appointment comes as the company completes its internal operational separation into two separate entities. He brings … Read the full press release

Atos Enhances Board Diversity and Expertise to Support Strategic Plan and Separation Project

(IN BRIEF) Atos, a leading global technology company, has announced changes to its Board of Directors and the convening of its 2023 Annual General Meeting. The Board approved the renewal of Caroline Ruellan’s mandate as a director and the appointment … Read the full press release

Atos riceve un’offerta da Airbus per acquisire una partecipazione di minoranza in Evidian e entrare in una partnership strategica

(NOTIZIA IN BREVE) Atos, leader globale nella trasformazione digitale, ha ricevuto un’offerta da Airbus per acquisire una quota di minoranza del 29,9% in Evidian e per stipulare un accordo strategico e tecnologico a lungo termine. Evidian è un partner leader … Read the full press release

Atos Receives Offer from Airbus to Acquire Minority Stake in Evidian and Enter Strategic Partnership

(IN BRIEF) Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, has received an offer from Airbus to acquire a 29.9% minority stake in Evidian and to enter into a long-term strategic and technological agreement. Evidian is a leading digital transformation partner … Read the full press release