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Novo Nordisk and Aspect Biosystems collaborate to create disease-modifying treatments for diabetes and obesity

(IN BRIEF) Novo Nordisk has announced a collaboration with Aspect Biosystems to develop bioprinted tissue therapeutics for diabetes and obesity treatment. The collaboration will leverage Aspect’s bioprinting technology and Novo Nordisk’s expertise in stem cell differentiation and cell therapy development … Read the full press release

TUM Professor Matthias Hebrok awarded Bavarian Distinguished Professorship for stem cell and organoid research

(IN BRIEF) Matthias Hebrok, a biologist and medical researcher, has been awarded a Bavarian Distinguished Professorship to support his scientific activities as Professor of Applied Stem Cell and Organoid Systems at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Hebrok is highly … Read the full press release

European Medicines Agency: Concerns have been raised in the media about certain stem cell therapy treatments

23-4-2013 — /europawire.eu/ — These sorts of new techniques potentially offer exciting possibilities to patients for the treatment of a range of difficult or previously untreatable conditions. Like all treatments, these techniques also come with benefits and risks. Specific rules were introduced … Read the full press release