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E.ON’s IElectrix project demonstrates benefits of battery-based energy storage systems for renewable energy integration

(IN BRIEF) E.ON’s IElectrix project has demonstrated that mobile battery-based energy storage systems (BESS) can help to overcome technical hurdles in connecting renewable energy plants to power grids, as well as more efficiently use green energy produced in wind or … Read the full press release

Hardware-in-the-loop simulator (HILS) upgrade will boost DNV’s GreenPowerMonitor capability to deploy robust control solutions for renewable energy plants

DNV is able to benchmark its real Power Plant Controller with its in-house generated models in PSSE, PSCAD, Digsilent Power Factory. Work is already underway with this simulator to obtain NTS 2.1 certificates in Germany, Spain and Poland. (PRESS RELEASE) … Read the full press release

Das Upgrade des Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulators (HILS) wird die GreenPowerMonitor-Fähigkeit von DNV verbessern, um robuste Steuerungslösungen für erneuerbare Energieanlagen bereitzustellen

DNV ist in der Lage, seinen echten Kraftwerksregler mit seinen intern generierten Modellen in PSSE, PSCAD, Digsilent Power Factory zu vergleichen. Mit diesem Simulator wird bereits daran gearbeitet, NTS 2.1-Zertifikate in Deutschland, Spanien und Polen zu erhalten. (PRESSEMITTEILUNG) BÆRUM, 25-Aug-2022 … Read the full press release