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Holcim’s “Carbon2Business” Receives Recognition and Awards for Groundbreaking Carbon Capture Project at COP28

(IN BRIEF) Holcim, the global building materials company, has been honored with two prestigious awards at COP28 in Dubai for its innovative “Carbon2Business” project in Lägerdorf, Germany. The first accolade names Holcim as an “Energy Transition Changemaker,” recognizing the project’s … Read the full press release

Holcim Forms Strategic Partnership with IUCN to Boost Biodiversity and Water Initiatives

(IN BRIEF) Holcim, a global leader in sustainable building solutions, has partnered with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to enhance its nature strategy. The collaboration focuses on measurable biodiversity and water targets, with IUCN validating Holcim’s … Read the full press release

Lyon’s Holcim Innovation Hub: A Catalyst for Green Building Innovations

(IN BRIEF) Holcim has inaugurated its Innovation Hub in Lyon, France, designed to showcase sustainable building solutions and foster collaboration in the pursuit of low-carbon, circular, and energy-efficient construction methods. The multi-story Hub accommodates start-ups, think tanks, and experts, serving … Read the full press release