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MAHLE Finalizes Sale of OEM Thermostat Business to ADMETOS, Ensuring Stable Transition

(IN BRIEF) MAHLE has successfully concluded the sale of its OEM thermostat business to ADMETOS, effective May 2, 2024. Under the new ownership, the thermostat segment will operate as BTT Solutions, with ADMETOS assuming control and responsibility for approximately 600 … Read the full press release

Avanzando en la movilidad eléctrica: MAHLE moderniza el túnel de viento de Stuttgart con un sistema de carga rápida para vehículos eléctricos

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) MAHLE ha mejorado sus instalaciones en Stuttgart con un sistema de carga rápida de corriente continua para vehículos eléctricos. El sistema permite a la empresa probar los efectos de la carga rápida de las baterías de iones … Read the full press release

Advancing E-Mobility: MAHLE Modernizes Stuttgart Wind Tunnel with Fast Charging System for Electric Vehicles

(IN BRIEF) MAHLE has upgraded its facility in Stuttgart with a direct current fast charging system for electric vehicles. The system allows the company to test the effects of fast charging on Li-ion batteries in a variety of climatic conditions, … Read the full press release