Publications / magazines / blogs in Germany that cover the Agriculture industry

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Publications / magazines / blogs in Germany that cover the Agriculture industry listed in no particular order:

  • Top Agrar – A leading agricultural magazine in Germany covering crop cultivation, animal husbandry, farm machinery, and more.
  • Agrarheute – An online platform that covers the latest news and developments in the agriculture industry, including farming practices, animal welfare, and environmental issues.
  • DLG-Mitteilungen – A monthly publication by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) covering topics such as agriculture policy, farm management, and technology.
  • agrarmanager – A business magazine covering the agriculture and food industry, with a focus on market trends, finance, and investment.
  • Lohnunternehmen – A magazine that covers contracting and machinery businesses in the agriculture industry.
  • Das Erntejournal – A magazine that focuses on crop cultivation and harvesting, including reports on new technologies and practices.
  • Pfluglos – A blog that covers conservation tillage practices and sustainable agriculture in Germany.
  • FARMERSWEEKLY – The German edition of the UK’s leading agricultural magazine, covering topics such as crop production, livestock farming, and machinery.
  • Der Landbote – A magazine that covers the agricultural sector in the federal state of Lower Saxony, including crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and food processing.
  • AgriExperts – A platform that provides news, research, and analysis on the agriculture industry, including crop cultivation, livestock farming, and rural development.

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