Publications / magazines / blogs in Belgium that cover the Telecom industry

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Publications / magazines / blogs in Belgium that cover the Telecom industry listed in no particular order:

  • Data News: Belgium’s leading IT and telecom news platform, covering a wide range of topics including telecom, networking, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. Visit their website at
  • Smart Business: A Belgian business and technology magazine providing insights into the telecom industry, including articles on mobile networks, telecommunications infrastructure, and digital communication. Explore their website at
  • An international platform covering telecom news and analysis, including the latest developments in network technologies, telecommunications companies, and industry trends. Check out their website at
  • A Belgian technology publication featuring telecom news, reviews, and analysis, including updates on smartphones, mobile networks, and telecommunications infrastructure. Visit their website at
  • Provides news, analysis, and insights into the telecom industry across the Benelux, covering topics such as telecommunications technologies, mobile devices, and internet services. Explore their website at
  • Inside Telecom: Offers news and analysis on the telecom industry, including mobile networks, broadband, telecommunications regulations, and market trends. Visit their website at
  • Datanews Telecom: The telecom section of Datanews, providing comprehensive coverage of the telecom industry in Belgium, including mobile operators, internet services, and telecommunications infrastructure. Access their website at
  • Telecompaper: An international telecom news platform covering a wide range of topics, including telecom operators, mobile networks, broadband, and industry analysis. Check out their website at
  • Proximus Blog: The official blog of Proximus, one of Belgium’s leading telecom operators, offering insights into their services, new technologies, and industry developments. Visit their blog at

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