Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Small Business / Startups industry

PublicationsAustria – Small Business / Startups

Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Small Business / Startups industry listed in no particular order:

  • Der Brutkasten – An Austrian online platform covering startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It provides news, interviews, and resources for startups and small businesses. Website:
  • Trending Topics – An online publication focusing on technology, startups, and innovation in Austria and the CEE region. It covers news, trends, and insights into the startup ecosystem. Website:
  • StartUs Magazine – An online magazine that features articles, interviews, and success stories related to startups and entrepreneurship in Austria and Europe. It offers insights into the startup scene, investment opportunities, and business strategies. Website:
  • Forbes Austria – The Austrian edition of Forbes magazine, covering a wide range of topics including startups, entrepreneurship, business trends, and innovation. It features articles and interviews with prominent figures in the business world. Website:
  • Gründerszene – An online platform providing news, articles, and resources for startups and entrepreneurs in Austria and Germany. It covers startup trends, funding opportunities, and success stories. Website:
  • AustrianStartups – The official website of AustrianStartups, a platform supporting the Austrian startup ecosystem. It provides news, events, resources, and networking opportunities for startups in Austria. Website:
  • EU-Startups Austria – The Austria section of EU-Startups, a platform covering startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Europe. It features news, profiles, and articles about startups in Austria. Website:
  • Startup Stash – Austrian Startups – A curated directory of resources, tools, and services for startups. The Austrian section of Startup Stash provides a collection of resources specifically relevant to Austrian startups. Website:
  • Invest in Austria – The official website of the Austrian Business Agency, offering information and resources for foreign investors interested in the Austrian startup ecosystem. It provides insights into the startup scene, investment opportunities, and support services. Website:
  • StartupBlink – Austrian Startup Ecosystem – StartupBlink provides an interactive map and rankings of startup ecosystems worldwide. The Austrian section offers insights into the startup ecosystem, including startups, accelerators, and coworking spaces in Austria. Website:
  • Failory – Austrian Startups – Failory is a platform that shares stories and lessons learned from failed startups. The Austrian section highlights failed startups in Austria, providing insights and analysis. Website:
  • CHEFINFO – A magazine dedicated to current developments, remarkable companies, and innovative ideas from the strong economic region of Upper Austria. It targets readers in the higher income bracket. Publisher: Weekend Online GmbH. Headquarters: Linz. Website:
  • GELD – Finanzmagazin – A specialist magazine focusing on money and commodity investments. It targets the financial community and institutional investors. Publisher: 4profit Verlag GmbH. Headquarters: Vienna. Website:
  • GEWINN – A magazine covering main topics such as money and stock market, management and career, IT and innovations, real estate, law and taxes, leisure, and lifestyle. It targets business leaders, board members, directors, and top earners. Publisher: Wailand & Waldstein GmbH. Headquarters: Vienna. Website:
  • DieWirtschaft – An SME business magazine targeting managing directors and owners of small and medium-sized businesses. It focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship. Publisher: Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag. Headquarters: Vienna. Website:
  • INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN – A medium focusing on the manufacturing economy. It targets decision-makers in Austrian companies, commercial and technical executives. Publisher: Industriemagazin Verlag GmbH. Headquarters: Vienna. Website:
  • BUSINESS NEWS – A general business magazine with an issue for the Danube region, South, and West. It primarily targets trade, commerce, municipalities, and public institutions. Publisher: Wirtschaftsnachrichten Magazin Verlags Ges.mbH. Headquarters: Graz. Website:
  • WIENER WIRTSCHAFT – The medium of the WKO (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber), also available for the corresponding other federal states. It targets Viennese entrepreneurs and WKO members. Publisher: Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag / WKO. Headquarters: Vienna. Website:
  • DER BÖRSIANER – A specialist magazine focusing on the Austrian capital market. It targets top decision-makers in the capital market. Publisher: Wayne Media. Headquarters: Vienna. Website:

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