Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Retail industry

PublicationsAustria – Retail

Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Retail industry listed in no particular order:

  • Handelszeitung – A leading Austrian magazine covering the retail industry. It provides news, analysis, and insights on retail trends, market developments, and consumer behavior. Website:
  • Lebensmittel Zeitung Österreich – A magazine focusing on the Austrian food retail industry. It covers topics such as grocery retail trends, market analysis, consumer insights, and sustainability in the food sector. Website:
  • Fashion United – An international fashion news platform that covers the Austrian retail fashion industry. It provides news, trends, and analysis related to the fashion retail sector, including fashion shows, brand updates, and industry events. Website:
  • Gastgewerbe Magazin – A magazine focusing on the Austrian hospitality and catering industry. It covers topics such as restaurant management, food service trends, and retail aspects of the hospitality sector. Website:
  • Retail News Austria – An online platform providing news and updates on the Austrian retail sector. It covers retail industry news, store openings, market trends, and retail-related events. Website:
  • Supermarktblog – A German-language blog that covers the retail and supermarket industry. It offers analysis, opinion pieces, and news related to grocery retail, including trends, innovations, and market developments. Website:
  • WKO – Handel – The website of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) provides information and resources for the retail industry in Austria. It offers news, guides, and services for retailers. Website:
  • Handelsverband – The official website of the Austrian Retail Association, representing the interests of the retail sector. It provides news, industry insights, and resources for retailers in Austria. Website:
  • – An online platform offering news, articles, and resources on the retail industry in Austria. It covers topics such as retail trends, consumer behavior, and retail strategies. Website:
  • Offerista – Offerista is a marketing platform that connects retailers with consumers through digital advertising and promotions. It provides services and solutions to help retailers reach their target audience effectively. Website:
  • Retail Week – Austria – The Austria section of Retail Week, an international publication covering the retail industry. It offers news, analysis, and insights into the Austrian retail market. Website:
  • Das ist drin – A German-language website that provides information about products available in supermarkets, including ingredients, nutritional values, and product reviews. It offers insights into the retail industry from a consumer perspective. Website:
  • Supermarkt Live Blog – A German-language blog that focuses on the supermarket industry, covering news, trends, and insights related to retail and consumer behavior. Website:

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