Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Non Profit sector

PublicationsAustria – Non Profit

Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Non Profit sector listed in no particular order:

  • FVA – Forum Verantwortung – A magazine focused on the non-profit sector, providing insights into corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical business practices. It covers topics such as philanthropy, impact investing, and social entrepreneurship. Website:
  • The Nonprofit Information Center ( – An online platform providing information, resources, and news specifically tailored to non-profit organizations. It offers insights into fundraising, grant opportunities, project management, and organizational development. Website:
  • – An online platform dedicated to fundraising and resource mobilization for non-profit organizations in Austria. It provides insights, strategies, and resources related to fundraising techniques, donor engagement, and effective fundraising campaigns. The website offers articles, guides, and practical tips to help non-profits enhance their fundraising efforts. Website:
  • – An online platform providing information and resources for non-profit organizations in Austria. It offers guidance on legal, financial, and organizational matters relevant to non-profits. The website covers topics such as registration, tax benefits, reporting obligations, and best practices for non-profit management. Website:
  • Spendeninfo – An online platform offering information and guidance on charitable giving in Austria. It provides insights into donation opportunities, tax benefits, and transparency in the non-profit sector. Website:
  • Bildungsspender – An online platform that supports non-profit organizations by enabling individuals to generate donations for their chosen causes while shopping online. Website:
  • startsocial e.V. – A non-profit organization promoting social innovation and providing support to social start-ups. Their website offers information, resources, and networking opportunities for social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Website:
  • Kostengünstige IT-Welt für gemeinnützige Organisationen (Caritas) – Caritas, a charitable organization, provides cost-effective IT solutions and services tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations. Their website offers information on how non-profits can access affordable IT resources. Website:
  • Stiftergemeinschaft der Sparkasse Fürth (Stiftergemeinschaft Fürth) – The Stiftergemeinschaft Fürth is a foundation associated with Sparkasse Fürth, a local savings bank. They support non-profit initiatives and projects in the Fürth region. Website:

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