Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Education industry

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Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Education industry listed in no particular order:

  • Das österreichische Bildungssystem: An online platform providing information, news, and resources related to the Austrian education system, including schools, universities, and educational policies. Visit their website at
  • Österreichische Universitätenkonferenz (Austrian Universities Conference): The official website of the Austrian Universities Conference, offering news, updates, and information about universities and higher education in Austria. Explore their website at
  • Blog: A blog focusing on educational topics in Austria, providing insights, tips, and resources for teachers, students, and parents. Check out their website at
  • Educations Media Group: An online platform featuring educational news, articles, and resources related to studying abroad, including information about Austrian universities and educational opportunities. Visit their website at
  • An online portal focusing on adult education in Austria, offering information, courses, and resources for lifelong learning and professional development. Explore their website at
  • An educational platform for teachers, students, and parents, offering teaching materials, resources, and news related to education in Austria. Check out their website at
  • Pädagogische Hochschule Wien (Vienna University College of Education): The official website of the Vienna University College of Education, offering information about teacher education programs, research, and educational initiatives. Visit their website at
  • Provides an overview of the links between business and science at all German universities. Explore their website at

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