Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Chemicals industry

PublicationsAustria – Chemicals

Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Chemicals industry listed in no particular order:

  • Chemiereport: An Austrian online platform covering news, trends, and developments in the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. Visit their website at
  • Chemistry Views: An international publication covering various aspects of chemistry, including research, industry news, and developments. While not specific to Austria, it offers insights into the global chemical industry. Find their website at
  • Plastverarbeiter: An Austrian magazine focusing on the plastics and polymer industry, covering news, technologies, and applications. Visit their website at
  • Chemie Plus: A platform offering information and resources on chemical industry topics, including news, innovations, and sustainability in the Austrian chemical sector. Check out their website at
  • Journal für Oberflächentechnik: A magazine specializing in surface technology and coatings, covering industry trends, technologies, and applications in the field of chemicals. Find their website at
  • Chemical Fibers International: A magazine focusing on the chemical fibers industry, including textile fibers, nonwovens, and technical textiles, with a blend of international and Austrian coverage. Visit their website at
  • Chemical Engineering: An international magazine covering chemical engineering, process technology, and plant operations, featuring articles, case studies, and insights into the global chemical industry. Explore their website at

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