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University of Bristol Research: Patients Unaware of Risks in Innovative Surgical Procedures Due to Lack of Informed Communication

(IN BRIEF) Research led by the University of Bristol highlights that patients undergoing innovative surgical procedures often lack sufficient information about the novel nature of the procedure, potential uncertainties, and risks. The study examined consultations between surgeons and patients discussing … Read the full press release

Finnvera implements updated process for assessing environmental and social risks in export financing

(IN BRIEF) Finnvera improves risk management with environmental and social risk screening of export financing applications. In 2022, the export credit guarantee provider received 371 applications, one-third of which were screened by the environmental and social risk management team after … Read the full press release

EU Funded SUNRISE Project to Strengthen Critical Infrastructure Resilience Against Pandemics and Other Risks

(IN BRIEF) The EU has launched the SUNRISE project, which aims to improve the resilience of critical infrastructures in Europe, including transport, energy, water, and healthcare, against the impact of pandemics and other major risks. The project, which is set … Read the full press release

Central Bank of Ireland Deputy Governor Ed Sibley outlined the Central Bank’s strategic priorities for the next three years in the context of the safety and soundness of the financial system

Resilience of the financial system will remain a key focus for the Central Bank over the next three years A hard Brexit will be damaging for Ireland, but short-term ‘cliff-edge’ stability risks to the financial system are manageable Legislation is … Read the full press release

World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2019: Worsening international relations hinders action across a growing array of serious challenges

Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are the most urgent risk in 2019, with 90% of experts saying they expect further economic confrontation between major powers in 2019 Environmental degradation is the long-term risk that defines our age, with four of … Read the full press release