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Novartis: CHMP of the European Medicines Agency adopted a positive opinion for Jakavi® (ruxolitinib) for the treatment of adult patients with polycythemia vera

Polycythemia vera (PV) is associated with overproduction of blood cells that can cause serious cardiovascular complications, such as stroke and heart attack[1] Clinical data show Jakavi® (ruxolitinib) significantly improved hematocrit levels and reduced spleen size, key measures of disease control[2] … Read the full press release

Novartis announced patients with myelofibrosis initially randomized to treatment with Jakavi® (ruxolitinib) lived longer

In two Phase III studies, Jakavi ® reduced the risk of death and maintained spleen reductions at three years compared to conventional therapy and placebo Similar survival benefit seen in patients with and without high-risk mutations Separate analysis shows Jakavi may increase … Read the full press release