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QuantumScape’s Solid-State Battery Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Over 1,000 Charging Cycles with 95% Capacity Retention

(IN BRIEF) QuantumScape, a U.S. technology company specializing in solid-state batteries, has achieved a significant breakthrough in battery development, as confirmed by PowerCo. Their solid-state cell has surpassed expectations by successfully completing over 1,000 charging cycles while retaining 95% of … Read the full press release

Umicore and Volkswagen-Backed PowerCo Unveil IONWAY: A Game-Changing Battery Material Joint Venture

(IN BRIEF) Umicore and Volkswagen Group-backed battery company PowerCo have officially launched their groundbreaking collaboration named IONWAY. This Brussels-based joint venture is focused on large-scale industrial production of CAM (Cathode Active Materials) and pCAM (Precursor Cathode Active Materials) in Europe, … Read the full press release

Volkswagen’s PowerCo to create up to 3,000 jobs in Canadian battery factory

(IN BRIEF) Volkswagen’s battery company, PowerCo SE, plans to build its largest gigafactory in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, with an annual production capacity of up to 90 GWh in the final expansion phase. The plant will be PowerCo’s second pillar … Read the full press release

Volkswagen’s battery company, PowerCo, begins building new Spanish cell factory

(IN BRIEF) PowerCo, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, has started building its second cell factory, called Gigafactory Valencia, in the Spanish region of Valencia. The cell factory is expected to start production in 2026 and will have an initial production … Read the full press release