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Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI): Enel, Endesa recognised for their gender inclusion initiatives

Enel and its Spanish subsidiary Endesa are among the 380 companies praised by Bloomberg for their commitment and transparency with regards to gender inclusion Enel has scored 17% higher than the average score of the index constituents (PRESS RELEASE) ROME, … Read the full press release

Endesa awarded CRC Gold Award for best Ecommerce strategy by Spanish Association of Experts in customer relations (AEERC)

The CRC Gold Awards, which include the Ecommerce strategy for the first time, are independent awards granted by the Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relations (AEERC), with the collaboration of Ifaes and IZO. The prize awarded to Endesa recognises … Read the full press release

INCENSe initiative launched by Enel, Endesa, Accelerace and FundingBox unveils the 28 winning startups

• INCENSe is the only CleanTech and energy accelerator co-funded by the European Commission as part of its FIWARE Accelerate programme. • INCENSE’s second open call was launched on June 15th, 2015. The winners were selected by external experts and … Read the full press release

Endesa launches personalised customer service site at endesaclientes.com

• The new www.endesaclientes.com website forms part of Endesa’s Digitisation Plan that aims to make it one of the leading digital companies in the energy sector. • Endesa currently has more than one million customers registered online, 80% of them with … Read the full press release

Twenergy.com, Endesa’s website for promoting energy efficiency and responsible energy consumption, has now reached over 11.4 million visits

• Twenergy is the first online community on efficiency in the energy sector. • Since its launch in 2010 it has become increasingly visible in social networks, reaching over 100,000 followers. MADRID, 17-8-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Twenergy (www.twenergy.com), Endesa’s website … Read the full press release

Endesa reports 17.1 % increase of net income in the first half of 2015 vs the same period of last year

• This figure represents an increase of 17.1% on the same period of last year, although results for the first half of 2014 included those generated by the company’s Latin American business, which was sold to Enel during the first … Read the full press release

Endesa’s Customer Ombudsman rated as outstanding by the Endesa customers who have used its services

• The Customer Ombudsman is a body that is independent of Endesa and whose main function is to address and resolve complaints from customers who, having previously contacted the company through their customer service channels, either did not receive an … Read the full press release

Endesa: the first ever charging point to include a used battery from electric vehicle set up in Malaga

• Under this project, the useful lives of batteries that can no longer be used in vehicles can be extended by using them to store energy. • Green eMotion was designed to guarantee the swift and successful mass deployment of … Read the full press release

Endesa to be in charge of the end-to-end energy management of the main heating and cooling facilities at the Madrid Central Meat Market

Various energy efficiency measures and replacing gas technology with electrical technology in cold facilities will help the 24 companies at Madrid’s Central Meat Market save EUR 600,000 a year on their energy bills. Endesa will be in charge of all … Read the full press release

Endesa’s coal-fired plants turbine upgrade resulted in estimated saving of EUR 20 million in the first six years of operation

• The improvement plan was executed between 2007 and 2011 and entailed investment of Euro 54.8 million in the upgrade of the steam turbines at the As Pontes (La Coruña), Compostilla (León), Andorra (Teruel) and Litoral (Almería) plants. • On … Read the full press release

Fundación MásFamilia awards Endesa the Family-Friendly Company certificate at global level

• Given by Fundación Másfamilia, this certificate makes Endesa the second company in the world to achieve this recognition. • The certificate recognises the company as an international leader in job quality, flexibility, support of work-life balance, training and career … Read the full press release

Endesa announced it prevented more than 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the past seven years through the use of pure and hybrid electrical vehicles

• This quantity is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by a Mediterranean forest of more than 70 hectares in a full year. • Since 2010, the company has replaced 32% of its fleet of short-haul vehicles with pure electric … Read the full press release

Endesa’s new bidirectional charging points for electric vehicles offer charging power of 10kW

V2G technology is able to power electric vehicles with any excess power returning to the grid. The new V2G (vehicle to grid) charging infrastructure will have charging power of 10kW and allow a vehicle to fully charge in an hour … Read the full press release

Enel and Endesa unveiled new fast-charge point FASTO for all electric vehicles on the market

FASTO, or Fast Together, is the new product to sell recharging services equipped with all three connector types currently used in the market. It can therefore charge electric vehicles made by any manufacturer. An electric vehicle can gain an additional … Read the full press release

Endesa received CSR distinction Award for its corporate social responsibility plan dealing with human resources

Madrid, 06-8-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — Awarded Endesa’s Senda Plan dealing with corporate social responsibility in human resources secures • The plan achieved a “CSR Distinction” in the 2013 Cegos Awards, organised in partnership with Equipos&Talento, which reward best practices in human resource … Read the full press release

CEPSA announced it now controls 42% in MEDGAZ S.A., the operator of Algerian-European gas pipeline via Spain

Exercising its right of first refusal, CEPSA has acquired part of GdF Suez´s shareholdings in the MEDGAZ consortium CEPSA will maintain a 20% share of the deepwater pipeline’s transport capacity Madrid, 06-8-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — As provided in the Bylaws of MEDGAZ … Read the full press release

Red Eléctrica de España led project Perfila to define electricity demand behaviour patterns for households and small businesses

The project that will culminate in 2015, will define household and small consumer demand patterns through hourly electricity metering.  The data collected by the smart meters in this Perfila Project will allow greater precision for the purchase of electricity in … Read the full press release