Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Security & Safety industry

PublicationsAustria – Security & Safety

Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Security & Safety industry listed in no particular order:

  • Österreichische Sicherheitspolitik – A publication focusing on Austrian security policy, national security challenges, and international security affairs. It provides analysis, articles, and reports on security-related topics. Website:
  • Polizei Österreich – The official website of the Austrian Police, offering news, updates, and resources related to law enforcement, crime prevention, and public safety. It covers various aspects of security and safety in Austria. Website:
  • Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz (Austrian Red Cross) – The official website of the Austrian Red Cross, providing information, resources, and news related to emergency response, disaster management, and humanitarian activities. It covers aspects of public safety and emergency preparedness. Website:
  • – A platform focusing on security technology and safety solutions. It offers articles, news, and resources related to security systems, video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. Website:
  • Security Insights – A blog providing insights, analysis, and news on various security topics, including cybersecurity, physical security, risk management, and security technology. Website:
  • futurezone – Sicherheitsforum Digitale Wirtschaft Österreich – The security forum section of futurezone, an Austrian online platform covering technology, science, and digital topics. It provides news and articles related to cybersecurity and digital security in the business sector. Website:
  • KSOE Sicherheitsforum – The official website of the KSOE Sicherheitsforum, an Austrian association focusing on security-related topics, including cybersecurity, risk management, and protection of critical infrastructure. Website:
  • IDSF – International Data Spaces Association – An association focusing on secure data exchange and data sovereignty. It promotes concepts and technologies for secure and sovereign data spaces. Website:
  • Verboten Gut – A blog covering various aspects of security, privacy, and data protection. It provides articles and news related to cybersecurity, digital privacy, and online safety. Website:
  • Cyberwiser Austria – The Austrian section of the Cyberwiser platform, offering resources and training in cybersecurity. It provides tools and information to enhance cybersecurity knowledge and skills. Website:
  • Federal Ministry of Finance – ICT Security – The official website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, providing information and resources on ICT security. It covers cybersecurity initiatives and strategies in Austria. Website:
  • Federal Chancellery – Cybersecurity – The official website of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, offering information and resources on cybersecurity initiatives and policies in Austria. Website:
  • BleepingComputer – Austria – The Austria section of BleepingComputer, a cybersecurity news and information platform. It covers cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents, including those related to Austria. Website:
  • AIT – Cyber Security – The cyber security section of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), providing information and research on cybersecurity. It covers various aspects of cybersecurity, including research projects and technological advancements. Website:

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