Takedown Information

The vast majority of the EU press releases that will appear on and be released via EuropaWire.EU (https://news.europawire.eu), will primarily be sourced directly from leading and top EU based brands, companies and institutions by our experienced PR editors on a very individual and per case arrangement basis to assure best quality of the EU PR stream.

Even so, in certain cases you may happen to want to have one, a few, or even all of either your or somebody else’s press releases taken down from EuropaWire.EU. In addition, you may also end up in a situation where you’d need EuropaWire.EU to discontinue, for one reason or another, releasing future press releases for your brand or from your company.

In such an event contact us at info@europawire.eu with your take-down / PR removal notice, and we’ll try to react ASAP on your request.

Last revised on October, 2012