World’s largest superhero statue to be built in Central Europe

World’s largest superhero statue to be built in Central Europe

BUDAPEST, 6 Feb-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — The World Congress of Superhero Fans nominates Warsaw, Budapest and Bratislava as contenders to host the world’s largest superhero statue. The superhero statue is meant to promote a free, democratic and open society in places where these ideals are in peril.

The World Congress of Superhero Fans (WCSHF) is excited to announce its Superhero Smart Statue Project. WCSHF plans to erect an 18 foot tall smart statue in a country where superhero fans think the values tirelessly guarded by positive superheroes are clearly under threat. WCSHF believes that the values positive superheroes represent could help humanity develop more vibrant, diverse and tolerant societies all over the world, and the Superhero Smart Statue could promote them wherever it is needed the most.

The 18 foot tall robotic structure of the solar panel operated Smart Statue will be made of eco-friendly materials and will be able to take the shape of many beloved superheroes. The statue’s base will feature benches with inductive charging technology and, of course, free WiFi. The Smart Statue’s exact specifications are to be announced at a later date. WCSHF narrowed down the list of potential candidate countries to house the Smart Statue to Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The final location will be decided by the public through a global online campaign that WCSHF plans to kick off soon.

A statement from John Miller, president and visionary of the World Congress of Superhero Fans: “Unlike divisive national heroes or religious idols, superheroes connect us instead of deepening the divide between the people. Real superheroes never promote wars or hostility – they stand for the forces of peace and unity, helping those in need. Superheroes fight for justice and they provide a fertile ground for the seeds of democracy to take root everywhere. Superheroes teach us the values from which non-discrimination, women’s rights, academic freedoms arise and they inspire us in our fight for creating more equal and open societies around the world. Our SuperHero Smart Statue is the first step in establishing a global culture that is based on superheroes. We want to make the world a better place, and we finally have the resources, the will, the manpower and the political connections in the right places to do just that.”

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SOURCE: World Congress of Superhero Fans



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