World’s first AI app aimed at monitoring animal welfare launches in Finland

The AI app gives consumers a variety of up-to-date information on animal welfare.

(PRESS RELEASE) VIBY J, Denmark, 23-Jan-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — Dairy company, Arla Finland launches Arla Iris, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology application that gives latest information on animal welfare to its consumers in Finland.

Arla Iris gathers data on cleanliness, nutrition and health of the farm animals. It also collects real time information on their day-to-day routines such as outdoor activities, movements, and everyday operations. One of the data sources is an AI-powered digital camera prototype designed for the project.

 “It is important for people to be sure that the living conditions of dairy farm cows are typical of their species and that the cows are treated well. We wanted to make the familiar Arla Milk-chain even more transparent for consumers by giving them a new opportunity to follow the cows’ conditions as they actually are. Dairy farms can also take advantage of the AI data to improve their own operations.” said Arla Finland’s CEO Kai Gyllström.

“We have always sought to do more than what is required of dairy farms in Finland to ensure animal welfare. The technology developed by Arla does not replace the observations conducted by welfare specialists, doctors and our own staff, but it can strengthen the whole, and most importantly – improve the Finnish people’s understanding of dairy farms and the factors that influence the welfare of cows,” explains farmer Tuomo Mäkinen.

The application will be piloted on Tikka, an organic farm in Kurikka, Finland. Arla’s Single Estate Organic Milk will be the first to be monitored.

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