Wholesale supplier of technical products and sanitary ware SAX to integrate Zetes’ mobile Proof of Delivery solution

Brussels, 22-1-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — For SAX, a wholesale supplier of technical products (HVAC) and sanitary ware, accurate and efficient deliveries to customers and branches are crucial. SAX recently integrated Zetes’ mobile Proof of Delivery solution, which offers bespoke, optimised route planning, into its logistics processes. Key advantages: full traceability throughout the delivery process, visual proof of delivery – including for unattended deliveries, up to an hour saved thanks to optimisation of routes and half the number of already low supply errors.

Every day, around twenty freight trucks leave the SAX distribution centre, heading for construction companies, professional installers and the company’s own branch outlets. Around 450 deliveries are completed every day and the most significant challenge to overcome was ensuring full traceability from loading to offloading, with evidence that the order supplied was correct which, especially with ‘unattended deliveries’ which are deposited even when the customer isn’t present, is crucial.

Registration with mobile PDAs

SAX chose ZetesChronos, a Proof of Delivery system which was customised with a route optimisation module and linked to SAX’s existing ERP system. 25 drivers were provided with new touchscreen PDAs.

The system collates all data captured during logistics transactions whilst the drivers complete their rounds, from loading the trucks through to delivery, pick-ups and recording of returns. This information is captured via the PDA and transmitted to the back office, ensuring the dispatcher has real-time information on the status of all orders.

Photo evidence

The driver also takes photo evidence on his PDA at every delivery site. Goods are delivered even if no-one is present on the building site or if an installer is not at his base (‘unattended delivery’). The photograph, which includes the GPS position of the destination, provides proof of delivery and a visual audit trail to avoid future customer disputes.

The driver can also record any anomalies, such as damage to a package, an absent customer or other delivery problems (e.g. an incorrect delivery), using his PDA. Bart Herreman, Logistics Manager at SAX: “The dispatcher, back in the Distribution Centre, views this information in real-time and can respond instantly, for instance by phoning the customer to arrange an alternative delivery time.”

The investment has paid off well. “We spend one hour less per day on route optimisation and this represents a significant return on investment by enabling us to process more order lines. We’ve halved our already small margin of error for supplies, from 0.5% to 0.25%. We also have fewer customer disputes, thanks to the photos drivers can take on their PDAs at every delivery site as evidence and using the GPS position of the site,” confirms Bart Herreman.

Read the full case study.

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About Zetes
Zetes is an international Group highly specialised in identification & mobility solutions. Connecting what matters is at the heart of our business: physical movements and digital flows, our customers and their critical data, but also consumers and corporations, citizens and governments. By using the most innovative technologies, we allow our customers to improve speed, quality and accuracy in order to be on the leading edge of their industry. This has made us a pioneering leader on our market.

The Zetes Group has its headquarters in Brussels and employs more than 1100 people across 16 countries in EMEA. Zetes aspires to achieve sustainable profits and growth; its turnover for 2013 amounted to €211.5 million. More info: www.zetes.com

About SAX Sanitair
SAX Sanitair is a Belgian leading wholesale supplier of sanitary goods, heating systems, wellness and sustainable power. It is an icon among the ranks of construction companies and professional installers. SAX Sanitair supplies its customers throughout Flanders on a daily basis from its modern logistics centre in Wielsbeke – SAX Logistics.

SAX Sanitair was founded by Mr. Laurent Sax in Merelbeke and the present proprietor, Mr. Kerckhaert, took the business over in 1990. At that time, the business had 12 employees and its turnover was 2.5 million euros, but the whole situation then moved on rapidly. The name of SAX was kept, but the ambition was to achieve rapid expansion, requiring a restructuring from the ground up on the technical, commercial and financial fronts. In conjunction with the relocation to Melle, the result of this has been a spectacular growth of the business. SAX currently employs 230 people and is now in a position to present turnover figures of 115 million euros. Installation professionals can now get exactly what they require from no fewer than 15 branches.

Further information at: www.sax-sanitair.be


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