Voith supplies its latest automation technologies for high-quality paper production line at Kipaş Kağıt’s Söke site in Turkey

At the beginning of July, Kipaş Kağıt successfully started up the first production line for board and packaging papers at its Söke site in western Turkey.

  • Voith supplied the entire production line for high-quality board and packaging papers.
  • With the help of leading Voith technologies, the high-performance line will produce up to 700,000 tons of board and packaging papers annually.
  • The efficient PM 2 is characterized by a high flexibility of basis weights between 90 and 400 g/m2 with consistent high quality.

(PRESS RELEASE) HEIDENHEIM/SÖKE, 9-Jul-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Voith announces the successful start-up of paper production line for board and packaging papers at Kipaş Kağıt’s Söke site in western Turkey. Voith supplied the entire plant with the latest production and automation technologies. The new PM 2 features a very wide production and basis weights range. As a result, the machine now produces up to 700,000 tons of high-quality board and packaging papers annually with basis weights from 90 to 400 g/m2 while maintaining consistent high quality. The new line has a maximum process design speed of 1,200 meters per minute and a wire width of 8,900 mm.

“Since we were responsible for the entire implementation, we were able to optimally coordinate the individual components of the system with each other,” said Kai Bestian, responsible Project Manager at Voith Paper.

Stock is transferred via three MasterJet headboxes. The EvoDry steel cylinders are the central element of the Combi DuoRun dryer section. As a result, the number of drying cylinders in the pre-dryer and after-dryer sections can be reduced, thus enabling lower operating costs while maintaining consistent quality. Another technological highlight is the flexibly designed wire section, which in future will enable the production of 26 different coated and uncoated paper grades. Uncoated grades are transported directly to the two VariFlex winders with two-drum technology via an intermediate Sirius winding system. Coated grades are coated online by bypassing the intermediate winding system. In addition, Voith supplied the entire water, sludge and reject handling systems as well as the water treatment plant for effluent treatment.

Kipaş Kağıt also benefits from a comprehensive clothing package and automation solutions consisting of the OnControl process control system, an OnQuality quality control system, an OnView information system, and an OnCare CM condition monitoring system. To ensure safe and efficient operations, Kipaş Kağıt and Voith also defined a substantial spare and wear parts package covering all parts to ensure maximum availability of the machine.

The start-up is an important milestone in the long-standing partnership between Kipaş Kağıt and Voith. In addition to Voith’s leading full-line capabilities, the positive experience gained in past projects also played an important role in the award of the contract.

About Kipaş Kağıt
Kipaş Kağıt A.Ş, started as a joint venture of Kipas Holding (kipas.com.tr) in 2011, is committed to producing high quality container board paper from waste paper by employing best-of-breed manufacturing technologies, human resources, and ethical values inherited from our founders. Today, with the acquisition of Teksan, which has a long history in the packaging industry, the company produces paper products such as testliner and fluting between 70 and 200 g/m2 as well as packaging products such as conical and cylindrical reels, honeycomb panel, honeycomb separator, cardboard pallet and cardboard bracket. Kipaş Kağıt saves 6,000 hectares of forest by producing 425,000 tons of paper annually from 100% recycled waste paper. The company’s principle is to run a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible business that can be proudly passed on to future generations.

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SOURCE: Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA


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