Vattenfall Radio Fossil Freedom starts broadcasting from InCharge public charging stations in Stockholm

Vattenfall Radio Fossil Freedom starts broadcasting from InCharge public charging stations in Stockholm

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 11-Jun-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Vattenfall, a European energy company with a mission to enable fossil free living within one generation, has announced the sequel of its “Museum of Fossil Fuels” the “Radio Fossil Freedom”, listen to future radio while you charge.

Not only our driving experience will be affected when we leave fossil fuels in the past and enter a more sustainable future. Many other things that have been a natural part of our everyday lives will be forgotten, and other phenomena will take their place. With “Radio Fossil Freedom” Vattenfall seeks to inspire the public towards a fossil free future, by visualising it today.

– Our goal is to enable a fossil free living within one generation, In order to muster the strength required for the desired transformation, it is important that it feels achievable. Radio Fossil Freedom’s purpose is to induce that feeling, in a somewhat lighthearted manner. The radio station is basically a “rift in the fabric of time” which gives us the ability to hear what a fossil free future could sound like, says Susanna Hurtig, Director of E-mobility Nordics at Vattenfall.

InCharge is Vattenfall’s initiative for electric vehicle charging infrastructure – a prioritised area, seeing as the electrification of the transport sector is crucial for the reduction of carbon emissions. “Radio Fossil Freedom” is therefore broadcasted by shortwave radio from three of the InCharge public charging stations in the Stockholm city center and soon the program will as well be available at Spotify for everyone to listen.

– Those who drive electric vehicles are ahead in the race towards fossil freedom, and we believe that paving the way should pay off. Which is why Radio Fossil Freedom is being broadcasted from their home turf – the charging stations, basically turning them into portals into the future that EV-drivers are creating, says Hurtig.

About “Radio Fossil Freedom”:
The program is broadcasted on the FM broadcast band from three public charging stations in central Stockholm between the 10th and the 24th of June, and can be tuned into through your car radio. The audience can expect to hear everything from news, commentaries and interviews, to cooking shows and music – just like on any other radio station. The only difference is that “Radio Fossil Freedom” takes place in a society where fossil fuels are part of history.

To the Radio Fossil Freedom web page.

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SOURCE: Vattenfall AB


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