UTS launches the interactive sand box iSandBOX

Tomsk, Russia, 14-Apr-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — Have you ever heard something about the augmented reality? Let us introduce you the world’s first interactive sandbox – iSandBOX launched by UTS, LLC. It’s a unique breakthrough equipment designed for education and entertainment. It’s an ideal tool for developmental teaching for children aged from 3 to 12.

iSandBOX is a flagship product of UTS, Ltd. In 2016 it’s already used by more than 60 schools and preschools in over 8 countries worldwide. When creating the interactive sandbox the developers asked themselves “If I were a child would this device be interesting for me?”

“Getting different skills in early years is essential, but it should also be fun because for a small child it’s really hard to concentrate for a long time on difficult tasks. Using iSandBOX allows children focusing on learning for longer periods of time than usual”, – said Aleksey Kuimov, the CEO of UTS, LLC.

iSandBOX is the perfect therapeutic tool for schools with children with special needs. Playing with sand calms and soothes. With the advent of the interactive sandbox, sand therapy advanced to the new modern level.

iSandBOX represents a table filled with the sand connected to the powerful computer and projector. By combining classic children game of building sand castles and modern technology, this groundbreaking equipment for education and entertainment was created. It’s so simple and innovative at the same time. A depth measurement sensor determines the distance to the sand surface. The developed software processes the data received from the sensor and sends instructions to the projector, which highlights the sand surface. Children watch virtual blue water, red lava from volcanoes, green hills and many other objects.

The interactive sandbox can be filled with kinetic or usual sand. The software for interactive sandbox is regularly updated so the children won’t be bored. Currently there are 13 types of colorful games and tutorial modes. There are 4 types of iSandBOX: Standard, Mini, Small and Lite. The price of iSandBOX is quite affordable for every school, preschool, science museum, interactive exhibition, children’s entertainment center or rehabilitation center.

About UTS
UTS (Universal Terminal Systems) is a Russian-based company with headquarters in the Tomsk city. The company was launched in 2009. It’s a team of professionals providing only the best solutions to the market. It’s a highly innovative company that produces interactive sandboxes, sensor tables, sensor information terminals and related software development. The company mission is to produce high-tech and useful products aimed at improving the life of modern society.

More info at: http://www.interactive-sandbox.com/.

More photos and videos are available upon request.

To learn more about UTS, LLC or iSandBOX please contact our sales manager by email world@unitsys.ru or by phone +7 (383) 383-22-69.


iSandBOX represents a table filled with the sand connected to the powerful computer and projector

iSandBOX represents a table filled with the sand connected to the powerful computer and projector


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