University of Twente’s Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM) opens highly versatile X-ray laboratory

University of Twente’s Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM) opens highly versatile X-ray laboratory

ENSCHEDE, 09-Jun-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Featuring various clinical X-ray systems and state-of-the-art measurement equipment, this Radiation Lab will bring University of Twente students even closer to the world of clinical practice during their studies. Businesses are also showing an interest.

The ECTM established the Radiation Lab in close cooperation with the Medical Imaging section of the University of Twente’s Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM) department.


The goal of the new learning environment is to add a clinically oriented, practical component to existing teaching in the field of radiation. Professor Kees Slump (RAM) explains that “During their studies, our biomedical technology and technical medicine students can now receive Radiation Expert (level 3) training. While it is an excellent curriculum, it is rather theoretical in nature. These facilities will enable us to get closer to the world of clinical practice.”

Existing teaching in the field of radiation will be supplemented with practical sessions in the new lab. This will enable students to apply and expand their knowledge of ionizing (X-ray) radiation in realistic scenarios, in a setting that is in line with clinical practice. This will also help them understand various physical aspects, especially how they relate to clinical concepts such as patient dose and image quality.


In addition its use in an educational context, for University of Twente students, the facility is also available to external users. Sebastiaan Waanders, head of department at the ECTM Training and Simulation Centre, notes that “We see that medical professionals are increasingly using ionizing radiation for imaging purposes. At the same time, we have identified a trend in which both the MedTech industry and the clinical world are placing greater emphasis on training medical staff (and on refresher courses), to help maintain and improve their knowledge. Ultimately, this will improve the quality and safety of the care that is delivered. In this safe environment, medical professionals can train in a realistic setting without compromising the hospital’s workflow”.

In addition, the facility is also available to businesses in the region, to test new medical innovations prior to market launch, for example.

The funding needed to establish ECTM’s new radiation hygiene facility included a contribution from the provincial authority of Overijssel.


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