University Of Twente’s Executive Board Celebrates Twente’s Prize Winners

17-12-2012 — / — Last Monday at the annual laureates meeting, the University of Twente shone the spotlight on last year’s prize winners. A total of about 70 prize winners received chocolate and a bottle of wine from Anne Flierman, President of the University of Twente’s Executive Board. “This is one of the most enjoyable duties an Executive Board President can have,” he declared. “You make all the difference to our university.”

Each year, the Executive Board organizes a reception for University of Twente employees and students who have delivered an outstanding academic, cultural or sporting achievement in the course of the year. This year the Executive Board put around 70 prize winners in the limelight. A wide range of impressive accomplishments were celebrated: from honorary doctorates to cultural prizes and from outstanding sporting achievements to prestigious scholarships. Congratulations one and all!



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