University of Liverpool Celebrates Cultural Diversity in Merseyside

University of Liverpool Celebrates Cultural Diversity in Merseyside

(IN BRIEF) The University of Liverpool’s School of Architecture is hosting an event celebrating the diverse cultural mix on Merseyside. The event will showcase the evolving cultural practices that have emerged from interactions between different communities in the region. Musical performances led by violinist Mr. Peter Morgan, featuring children from various countries learning to play the violin, will be a highlight of the event. The research project, “Safeguarding Transplanted and Indigenous Intangible Cultural Heritage in the UK,” explores how migration and cultural mixing shape cultural heritage in places like Liverpool. The event aims to provide a platform for individuals to express their cultural heritage and celebrate the dynamic evolution of cultural traditions in Merseyside.

(PRESS RELEASE) LIVERPOOL, 8-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The University of Liverpool’s School of Architecture is hosting a celebration of the diverse mix of cultures living on Merseyside.

Taking place on Tuesday 25 July in the Victoria Gallery and Museum’s Leggate Theatre between 3pm and 5pm, the event will show how interactions between our diverse communities have given rise to exciting new cultural practices in the melting pot of Merseyside.

In addition to debates and film screenings, the event will also showcase unique musical performances led by the violinist Mr. Peter Morgan, an experienced teacher and music player, featuring children residing in Merseyside. These children, hailing from various countries, are all learning to play the violin. Each child will perform a song from their own country, and subsequently, they will unite to perform an Irish folk song.

The event forms part of a research project entitled Safeguarding Transplanted and Indigenous Intangible Cultural Heritage in the UK which explores how migration and mixing of nationalities in places such as Liverpool means that cultural heritage is constantly evolving.

Research conducted with interviews and focus groups from different nationalities (including British, Bulgarian, Gibraltarian, Chinese, Irish, Iraqi, Polish, Finnish, Somali, Syrian, and Saudi) found that relocated and resettled traditions from different places change how heritage is perceived and how it affects communities that settle in Liverpool. For example, Chinese New Year celebrations have become an integral part of Liverpool’s cultural traditions over the years. A significant number of the individuals spearheading Chinese New Year celebrations are not of Chinese descent. Their involvement is testament to their dedication in ensuring that this rich cultural heritage continues to flourish and is meticulously preserved, irrespective of their own cultural backgrounds.

Speakers at the event will include Professor Fiona Beveridge, Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

Organiser Dr Ataa Alsalloum, Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Heritage said: “Ever since the inauguration of our Intangible Cultural Heritage project in 2021, we’ve been delighted to invite individuals from a variety of cultures across Merseyside to the University of Liverpool, offering them a platform to express their cultural heritage and its significance.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to witness the connections that have resulted from this project. Notably, individuals from the Syrian community of Merseyside have joined hands with people from diverse backgrounds to form dance groups, showcasing traditional Syrian dances at various events. It’s profoundly humbling to realize the role our research has played in facilitating these connections.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone to our campus on 25 July for a further celebration of the dynamic evolution of cultural heritage across Merseyside.”

The event will take place on Tuesday 25 July between 3pm and 5pm in the Victoria Gallery and Museum, Ashton Street, Liverpool, L69 3DR. It is free and open to all to attend but you can register your interest and book tickets here: TRANSCULTURAL HERITAGE IN THE UK Tickets, Tue 25 Jul 2023 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

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