ULJANIK Shipyard delivered Yard 497 “Bartolomeu Dias” to Luxembourg Company Jan De Nul

24-6-2013 — /europawire.eu/ — ULJANIK Shipyard on 16th May delivered to the Luxembourg Company Jan De Nul S.A. Capellen D.D. Luxembourg yard 497 named «Bartolomeu Dias». It is the second constructed Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger of 26,000 tonnes deadweight, length 147.6 meters and width 30 meters.

Just to remind ourselves, hoppers are very complex floating objects for the performing of maritime works and are used for suction and transportation of material from the sea bottom. In contrast to the four previously delivered Self Propelled Cutter Suction Dredgers, Uljanik workers have taken upon themselves the entire project and the construction of the ship. Thus, the investment in technology and knowledge that was required for the previously constructed ships (cutters) became an invaluable experience which has now enabled Uljanik to independently build dredgers in their entirety. The aforesaid is entirely in accordance with Uljanik’s orientation towards the niche of special ships with added value.

The ship and the working equipment on «Bartolomeu» are driven by two main diesel engines, each having a power of 7200 kW, while the depth from which the material will be sucked lies in the 42-50 meter range. Figuratively, the working characteristics of the ship can be roughly presented in this way: its capacity of 14.000 cubic meters is enough to cover a football pitch to a height of three meters in only one emptying, or for five loadings and unloadings that may be accomplished during the course of one day the football pitch would be covered with blanket of material with a height of 14 meters. As another example such as «beach construction»: with two loadings and unloadings this hopper could cover a beach 1 km long and 30 meters wide with material to a height of 1 meter.

The dredger pump is driven by a two-coil electromotor of power 8 MW and controlled by two independent frequency converters which enables the change of number of revolutions. For the production of electrical energy two high tension shaft generators are mounted, each of 7 MW power, as well as one auxiliary generator of power 1.4 MW manufactured in Uljanik TESU. Three high tension engines of power 3.3 MW are also installed and manufactured in KONČAR. As an illustration, the electrical energy generated onboard is sufficient to supply a town of 20.000 inhabitants.

On the ship three high tension switchboards boards, six high tension transformers, six low tension switchboards boards, twenty sub-panels, as well as control panels are installed. All of these are networked through an automatisation and surveillance system and it controls different plant systems necessary for ship operations. The electrical-energy system and the automatisation and surveillance system are in their entirety the work of the Uljanik project team, while the manufacture of low tension equipment has been carried out by specialized companies from Croatia.

This is the first ship delivery in Uljanik this year while four more deliveries are planned by the end of the year. The Contract for the construction of «Bartolomeu Dias» was signed in July 2010 and the ship was launched in mid-July last year.


ULJANIK Shipyard delivered Yard 497 "Bartolomeu Dias" to Luxembourg Company Jan De Nul

ULJANIK Shipyard delivered Yard 497 “Bartolomeu Dias” to Luxembourg Company Jan De Nul


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