UKFast funds creation of Raspberry Pi Computer Project to promote IT training and maintain HIV/AIDs support in South African community

MANCHESTER, 15-10-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Manchester tech firm UKFast is funding the creation of a Raspberry Pi Computer Project to promote IT training and maintain HIV/AIDs support in a South African community.

The hosting provider supplied the technology to build a Raspberry Pi-powered internet hub at the Khaya Centre in Lehae, Johannesburg as part of Urban Shift’s South Africa 2014 Mission. The centre aims to help the community to better the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS through feeding programmes, a free pre-school, counselling services and after-school programmes.

Lawrence Jones, CEO of hosting and colocation firm UKFast said: “We are equipping the project to train and empower young people and the community with IT training in Linux, PH and Python with custom-designed Raspberry Pi supported technology.

“Just as importantly, we are generating a self-sustained revenue stream for the centre through the development of an onsite internet cafe. We’re helping people to help themselves, rather than handing them one-off aid. It’s a truly exciting project to be involved in.”

The UKFast team architected the design for the Raspberry Pi training centre and internet cafe, and procured equipment as well as aiding shipment and setup at the centre.

Tim Greenwood of Urban Shift, said; “This year’s project is the start of a massive future to do more of these projects across the world. We’re looking into alternative power options for sites without electricity, further IT training and community connectivity – the future is wide open.

“Having companies like UKFast on board is a massive boost for the project – not only through funding but helping with the implementation of the technology and the creation of brighter futures for communities like Lehae.”

UKFast pledged its support to the charity as part of its Random Acts of Kindness Year, which has seen the firm pledge £100,000 to charity throughout 2014. More information about the Urban Shift project can be found at



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