TomTom part of EU Data Task Force’s proof of concept to make roads in EU safer

TomTom part of EU Data Task Force’s proof of concept to make roads in EU safer

TomTom part of EU Data Task Force’s proof of concept to make roads in EU safer

An Innovative Road Safety Initiative To Rely On Live Vehicle Data

(PRESS RELEASE) AMSTERDAM, 5-Jun-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — EU Data Task Force (DTF) and TomTom (TOM2), active in location technology services, will work together on a proof of concept to improve road safety by sharing vehicle and infrastructure data between countries and manufacturers.

Dangerous road conditions, such as slippery roads, can be detected using the latest technologies and warnings can be issued to drivers and traffic participants. These warning messages, however, can also be very beneficial to other drivers and road operators, if shared.

The EU Data Task Force (DTF) will use a decentralised data collaboration architecture to share vehicle-generated data such as alerts, along with infrastructure information, in its proof of concept. The datasets will then be taken by TomTom, processed further, and delivered back to other vehicles and road authorities via its live Traffic services.

The EU Data Task Force (DTF) is a trusted partnership that enables fair competition organised into a public-private initiative that will implement existing EU laws on safety data access. DTF members include the European Commission, national governments, vehicle manufacturers and service providers. The DTF project is based on the reciprocity principle where safety data is offered in return for safety services.

Commenting on the DTF collaboration, Ralf-Peter Schäfer, VP Traffic and Travel, TomTom, said:

“Improving road safety in Europe is high on the agenda of the EU and national governments, and it’s also high on ours. TomTom’s vision is of safer roads, free of congestion and emissions. Our involvement in this proof of concept demonstrates our commitment to delivering live safety services for our customers, and our pride in being the first to collaborate with automakers and governments to make the roads safer.”

The following EU Member States, organisations and companies are part of The EU Data Task Force (DTF): BMW AG; Ford Smart Mobility Ltd; Mercedes Benz; Volvo Cars, HERE Europe B.V., TomTom Traffic B.V., The Netherlands, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management; Spain, Ministry of Home Affairs La Subdirección General de Gestión de la Movilidad DGT; Finland, Transport and Communications Agency TRAFICOM; Germany, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and Luxembourg, Ministry of the Economy.




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