The “Volk-Rock’n’Roller” Andreas Gabalier Is Awarded a BAMBI in the Category of “Shooting Stars”

Munich, 5-11-2012 — / — The Austrian musician Andreas Gabalier has recently been causing a stir in the Volksmusik scene and impresses fans of all ages with his Alpine folk music with a rock’n’roll twist, so much that he is attracting media acclaim as the “Justin Bieber of Volksmusik” or the “James Dean of the Alps”. The 27-year-old from the Austrian Federal State of Styria will receive the BAMBI 2012 Award in the category “Shooting Stars” in recognition of his brilliant success over the last three years.

According to the BAMBI jury: “He’s like Elvis in Lederhosen: Andreas Gabalier from Styria produces successful rock’n’roll music whilst keeping his feet on the ground. With his distinctive voice and titles such as “I sing a Liad für di” (‘I Sing a Song for You’), which invites listeners to shake their hips and sing along, Gabalier breaks through the barriers of traditional genres and releases a wave of euphoria among his fans. In just three years, this high-flyer has sold over 700,000 records, more than 100,000 of which have been sold in the form of music downloads from the Internet. His concerts are always sold out. Andreas Gabalier is a beacon of hope for the Volksmusik genre.”

Gabalier’s rapid rise to success in his musical career began in Austria in 2009, when he asked a radio station to let him play his self-composed love song “Mit Dir” (‘With You’) for his sweetheart at the time. The song immediately captured the hearts of his fans and Andreas Gabalier’s lovesickness consequently helped him to become the most successful Austrian musician in all genres.

Gabalier broke onto the German music scene in 2011 when he performed on television programmes with the German singers and presenters Florian Silbereisen and Carmen Nebel. His greatest hit “I sing a Liad für di” has been being played all over Germany ever since. In March 2012, Andreas Gabalier received an Echo Award in the category “Volksmusik”, beating veterans of the genre such as Hansi Hinterseer or The Kastelruther Spatzen to the title. Despite his success in this genre, Gabalier does not consider himself to be a classic representative of the Volksmusik world, but instead prefers to call himself a “Volks-Rock’n’Roller”. After all, his mixture of Alpine folk music and rock means that it is practically impossible to fit him into any predefined genre. Andreas Gabalier was recently given the official title of “Botschafter der ländlichen Heimat” (‘Ambassador of Our Rural Homeland’) in his native country of Austria.

The BAMBI Awards are an impressive tribute to the heroes of our times, a symbol of recognition. People who have done something extraordinary, touched our hearts, selflessly helped others or provided perfect entertainment in the course of the year are worthy of being awarded Germany’s most important media prize. The award winners are chosen by a BAMBI jury consisting of chief editors from Hubert Burda Media and external experts from a variety of different areas of society. The BAMBI Awards will be broadcast live from the Congress Centre in the German city of Düsseldorf on the German television channel “Das Erste” from 8:15pm onwards on 22nd November 2012.

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Andreas Gabalier (c) Hubert Burda Media

Andreas Gabalier (c) Hubert Burda Media


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