The Swiss National Bank to carry out renovation work on its head office at Bundesplatz 1 in Berne

Berne/Zurich, 9-4-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is planning to carry out extensive renovation and alteration work on its head office at Bundesplatz 1 in Berne. Owing to the building’s current state of repair and the fact that its usage needs have changed over the years, this is considered a necessary step. A number of major improvements with regard to energy efficiency are also planned. The entire building will be vacated during the construction phase – which is due to commence in spring 2015 and last approximately three years. The cash desk, which is open to the public, and members of staff will be relocated for the duration. The new locations will be announced in late autumn 2014. The planned alterations are being carried out in coordination with the forthcoming renovation of the north wing of the Federal Palace (Bundeshaus), which forms an integral building complex with the SNB head office.

Furthermore, the SNB building on Amthausgasse 22–26 and a section of the adjacent premises on Marktgasse 37–41, known collectively as the Kaiserhaus, are also going to be renovated. Part of this construction project is the redesign of the Kaiserhaus arcade, with its shops and restaurants (Kaiserhauspassage).

Given that both premises – Bundesplatz 1 and the Kaiserhaus – are located within the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Old City of Berne, the SNB has been working closely with the city’s historic buildings and monuments commission on the two construction projects.


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