The ninth session of the Orange Institute to focus on the “Feedback Economy and Realtime Society”

The next semi annual session of the Orange Institute, a three-year old global research effort involving social networks, will be held in Boston and New York on October 22-25. The three-day session, focused on the “Feedback Economy and Realtime Society”, will explore how algorithmic advances in data sciences – many of them driven by the widespread adoption of social media – are causing dramatic changes to the traditional industries of New York.

Paris, 23-10-2012 — / — Scientists, startups, enterprises and creatives from all corners  of the digital economy will gather in New York and Boston to probe how  technology is impacting our lives in a real-time society. The meeting  marks the latest in a series of ongoing multidisciplinary collaborations  that have been sponsored by the Orange Institute since its founding in  2009. The first colloquium was held in Silicon Valley, and since then  sessions in Tokyo, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Paris and San Francisco  have attracted more than 100 thought-leaders from a wide range of  disciplines. The meetings have helped the Orange Institute fulfill its  mandate of helping companies write a new chapter in the ways they learn  about changing technologies.

The upcoming session will bring  together Orange Institute member companies from a variety of industries  with leading thinkers from such prominent institutions as the MIT Media  Lab, the Harvard Innovation Lab, The New York Times Research and  Development Department, Foursquare, the United Nations Global Pulse  initiative, along with a representative sampling of startups, venture  capitalist firms, and economic development officials from New York City.

The  sessions are designed to allow participants to take a multidisciplinary  approach in an intimate setting to exploring themes as diverse as the  “consumerization” of IT, changes in media consumption patterns, the  ”self-quantification and augmentation” movements, the growing importance  of robots and AI-driven personal assistants, data visualization as well  as many other topics.

Faculty members of the Orange Institute  come from the premier ranks of fields, be it predictive analytics or  architecture or medicine, as well as companies as diverse as Google and  Real Madrid.

“Our members come from many companies all around the  world, and all of them are interested in discovering the future  together,” notes Orange Institute President Georges Nahon. “The fact  that they keep returning to our sessions and seminars demontrates that  our dynamic, non-linear conference model is significantly more useful  that the static ‘think tank’ approach used by many other organizations.  An Orange Institute session is about learning dynamically in a  non-linear world. It involves pragmatic altruism and the propensity to  share. In fact, they work in exactly the same way networks function.”

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about the Orange Institute

The  Orange Institute is a global think  tank whose objective is to learn  about and prepare for the rapid  transformations that digital innovations  are spawning in our networked  society.

The Orange Institute  organizes “immersion workshops” in key  digital innovation clusters in  the world, such as the Silicon Valley.  Participants in the sessions meet  and connect with new people, ideas  and products in places that are  shaping and defining today’s and  tomorrow’s digital landscape.
It  brokers conversations among select  thought leaders, entrepreneurs,  investors, academic researchers and  game changers from companies and  organizations in Europe, the US,  China, Japan and other regions of the  world.  This empowers institute  members with novel mindsets with which  they can transform their  organizations to effectively embrace these  digital transformations.

about Orange

France  Telecom-Orange is  one of the world’s leading telecommunications  operators with sales of  45.3 billion euros for 2011 and has 170,000  employees worldwide at 30  June 2012, including 105,000 employees in  France. Present in 33  countries, the Group has a total customer base of  224 million customers  at 30 June 2012, including 166 million mobile  customers and 15 million  broadband internet (ADSL, fibre) customers  worldwide. Orange is one of  the main European operators for mobile and  broadband internet services  and, under the brand Orange Business  Services, is one of the world  leaders in providing telecommunication  services to multinational  companies.

With its industrial  project, “conquests 2015”, Orange  is simultaneously addressing its  employees, customers and shareholders,  as well as the society in which  the company operates, through a concrete  set of action plans. These  commitments are expressed through a new  vision of human resources for  employees; through the deployment of a  network infrastructure upon  which the Group will build its future  growth; through the Group’s  ambition to offer a superior customer  experience thanks in particular  to improved quality of service; and  through the acceleration of  international development.

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