The new Loewe Connect television line allows you to watch one channel while following another in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third TV programme

  • Breathtaking Ultra HD picture quality
  • Loewe Mobile Recording
  • Easy operation with integrated hard disk recorder
  • Live TV everywhere with MyTV2move
  • High-quality SOEN© stereo sound concept and perfect system integration
  • Quality “Made in Germany”

Kronach, Germany, 16-7-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Watch one channel while following another in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third TV programme with the integrated hard disk recorder – these capabilities are what make the new Loewe Connect television line so unique. All this and more is now also possible using a mobile device. Easy and intuitive, Loewe Mobile Recording enables users to program the television via the Loewe Smart Assist app for Android and iOS – in case they can’t make it home in time to record the movie. Programming the integrated hard disk recorder is easier than ever with the Loewe electronic programme guide – which is built-in to the television and Loewe app. With one terabyte of storage capacity, a practically unlimited number of programmes can be recorded and archived in high definition. The hard disk recorder also doubles as a video server that can be accessed with other Loewe devices in the home network (DR+ Streaming). Users can even pause the current programme and continue watching from a different device in another room (DR+ Follow-Me). Favourite TV follows viewers wherever they go.

Loewe MyTV2move 

Touch a button and Loewe MyTV2move streams the current television programme – or an alternate channel – to a tablet computer or smartphone. Viewers can take the programme along with them when they leave the room – without missing a minute of the action.

Digital Media Renderer (Send to TV) works the other way around and enables viewers to stream their favourite videos, photos or music tracks from a tablet or smartphone to the TV screen – for endless enjoyment with modern media.

The viewing experience

Breathtaking picture quality is built-in. The new Loewe Connect Ultra-HD display produces razor-sharp images from a variety of video sources: USB, home network or Internet. Future-focused interfaces (HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and HEVC) access ultra-high resolution content from the Loewe BluTechVision 3D Blu-ray player and many other external input devices. Even full HD videos look much better thanks to advanced Loewe scaling technology. Images appear perfectly natural with extremely sharp depth of detail and fresh, vibrant colours. All of the new Loewe Connect models are 3D-compatible and are available with optional 3D glasses.

Sound quality

Big picture accompanied by big sound: Loewe Smart Home Entertainment is a feast for all the senses. The new Loewe Connect features excellent sound despite its slim-line design. Using the bass reflex principle, the high-quality, forward-facing stereo concept delivers a total music output of up to 2×40 watts. State-of-the-art speaker technology from SOEN© audio design specialists creates a more impressive, brilliant audio experience despite the compact speaker configuration.
Elegant cloth speaker covers ensure maximum acoustic permeability and crystal-clear sound. The integrated 5.1 multi-channel AV decoder supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD and makes it possible to directly connect a Loewe home cinema system from 2.1 to 5.1 via the digital audio link interface for ultra-realistic surround sound. This technology instantly transforms modern living rooms into a formidable home cinema. An easy-to-use, fully integrated entertainment system that guarantees an unparalleled listening experience.

Intuitive operation

All functional features are integrated into the television set and the entire system is operated with a single remote control. Navigating the new Loewe Assist Media 2015 operating system is easier than ever before. It works more consistently with graphic elements and lists usage patterns (last watched, etc.). As a genuine smart TV, the new Loewe Connect presents virtually unlimited content and applications. The triple-tuner, dual-channel system, integrated network interface and high-performance WLAN module provide the technological basis. Assist Media 2015 makes it easy to find key content, browse online, and check television network broadcasts, media libraries or your home network. All searches can be custom configured. The Loewe Smart TV MediaNet portal is also directly linked to content from YouTube, maxdome online video library and Deezer, a music streaming service.

The design

Loewe Connect is a custom-designed home entertainment system that fits perfectly into today’s interiors and guarantees years of enjoyment. The successful Connect design has evolved and is now slimmer and sleeker. A high-quality aluminium frame, chrome trim on the speakers, carefully crafted surfaces and precise panel gaps combine to make a compelling statement: Loewe Connect is a truly premium product – from any angle. The new Petrol Blue accent colour attracts attention and gives Loewe Connect a fresh, young flair. Loewe Connect comes with a high-quality, chrome-plated table stand. A wall bracket is standard equipment with the 55 and 65-inch sets. Loewe offers a wide range of spectacular set-up solutions, from an elegant revolving floor stand, to high-gloss rack systems to intelligently accommodate a subwoofer or Blu-ray player.

Quality “Made in Germany”

Founded more than 90 years ago, Loewe continues to amaze audiences with pioneering innovations that are widely recognised as technological milestones. Included here are the invention of the integrated circuit in 1926, the world’s first electronic TV broadcast in 1931, the first cassette recorder in 1950 and the unveiling of Europe’s first stereo television in 1981. Loewe launched the smart TV trend in 2008 with the Loewe Connect. The world’s first integrated 3D sound system followed in 2013. From the initial design drawings, to complete technological concepts, all Loewe products are engineered in Germany. The benefits are plain to see: short distances ensure premium products based on the highest quality “Made in Germany” – a standard that clearly applies to the new Loewe Connect.


Every product has its own life cycle. Loewe products are designed to minimise energy consumption and continue performing flawlessly for years to come. Thanks to modular technology, top-quality materials, precision workmanship and timeless design, consumers can be assured of owning a sustainable product that remains attractive for many years. This is the key to smart home entertainment.

The new Loewe Connect will be available in Petrol Blue, Chrome Silver, Cappuccino and Black.
Screen sizes: 40, 55, 65-inch.


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