The Center for Information on Higher Education: Eindhoven University of Technology stays top among technology universities in the Netherlands


EINDHOVEN, 22-Nov-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — The Universities Guide has again labeled Eindhoven University of Technology as the favorite home to technology universities in the Netherlands. Just as in the past two years, TU/e takes third place behind Wageningen and the Open University in the overall list. Two studies in Eindhoven are given the top study quality label in the Universities Guide 2017: Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

The Center for Information on Higher Education, which compiles the guide, has also looked at the job prospects of students from the scientific research field. A science graduate earns around a thousand euros more than his arts graduate counterpart, according to the Universities Guide based on prognoses made by the Maastricht institute ROA and current data from the National Alumni Survey. In terms of job opportunities and salaries for graduates from Eindhoven, things are looking good according to the Guide. The analyses of the researchers points to a clear division between studies with a lot of and little success in the job market, and the distinction between arts and science studies is clearly in evidence. As far as Eindhoven goes, the guide notes that graduates in the Southeast Brabant region find it generally easy to get jobs in high-tech manufacturing.

The Universities Guide compares and evaluates all the university Bachelor studies according to their graduation success rate, number of contact hours, judgments of experts and particularly the views of students about different aspects of the education. For each subject the guide provides a list of all the Bachelor studies along with the quality assessments and a summary of the assessments per institution.

The editors of the Universities Guide are acute in their evaluation of the technology universities in the Netherlands. The guide cites TU/e as having ‘a refreshing approach to education’ and excellent facilities. “When it comes to the quality of the education, ‘Eindhoven’ outperforms Delft and Twente. The lecturers receive plenty of praise as does the considerable focus on skills. And, in contrast to its fellow TU’s, the feasibility of the study program can be considered reasonable – although this does not apply to every study at TU/e.”

In the new guide the editors speak highly of Eindhoven as an international hotspot for innovation and design where student life is easy-going, the city has cool bistros and pubs, and the spirit of enterprise at Strijp-S is cited explicitly. The Universities Guide states that entrepreneurship is encouraged at TU/e. Universities Guide 2017The Universities Guide 2017 is compiled by an independent editorial board at the Center for Information on Higher Education in Leiden. The guide contains a systematic quality comparison of related studies in higher education. A new edition is published each year, with up-to-date facts and assessments about Bachelor studies in science education. The data comes from sources like the education statistics of the VSNU, data from the university monitor of the IVA research institute commissioned by the VSNU and accreditation data from the NVAO. Use is also made of the results of the National Student Survey and the national Study Choice database, both from Studiekeuze 123. The Center for Information on Higher Education ( is responsible for the processing and analysis.



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