Télécom Paris, Bouygues Telecom, and Thales Collaborate to Advance Responsible Digital Identity Research

Télécom Paris, Bouygues Telecom, and Thales Collaborate to Advance Responsible Digital Identity Research

(IN BRIEF) Télécom Paris, in collaboration with Bouygues Telecom and Thales, has launched the Research Chair in Responsibility for Digital Identity (RD-ID). Directed by Valérie Fernandez and Laura Draetta, the chair aims to conduct research and innovation projects that align with the principles set out by the European Commission, focusing on social desirability and acceptability to ensure digital identity development aligns with societal values. The chair’s goal is to contribute to the scientific and socio-political discourse on digital identity, considering holistic perspectives beyond technological aspects. Bouygues Telecom emphasizes the importance of ethical conduct and responsibility in digital innovation, while Thales highlights the need for a comprehensive understanding of the issues surrounding the adoption and acceptability of digital identity. The RD-ID chair will employ a participatory research approach, incorporating human and social sciences to study citizens’ social representations and practices. Field surveys, involving users at every stage, will be conducted in France and internationally. The chair will also establish a multi-partner think tank, engaging scientists, regulators, businesses, and civil society representatives, to test and evaluate the research findings.

(PRESS RELEASE) PARIS, 13-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Supported by the Fondation Mines-Télécom as part of its public interest mission, the chair in Responsibility for Digital Identity (RD-ID) is directed by Valérie Fernandez, Professor of Digital Economy, and Laura Draetta, Associate Professor in the sociology of the environment and sustainable development, at Télécom Paris.

The chair is part of a responsible approach to research and innovation guided by the principles set out by the European Commission, particularly in terms of anticipation, participation and reflexivity. Its specific purpose is to pursue research and innovation projects that meet the requirements of social desirability and acceptability in order to align the development of digital identity with the values, needs and expectations of society.

Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President, Digital Identity and Security, Thales: “As the first pilots for a European digital identity portfolio take shape, this chair aims to analyse and better understand the issues around the acceptability and adoption of digital identity. Our ambition is to contribute to the public scientific and socio-political debate on this subject by providing a holistic, forward-thinking perspective that extends beyond purely technological aspects. The digital transformation of our societies is underway, but its success with citizens cannot be achieved without ethical values and a sense of responsibility.”

Jean-Paul Arzel, Deputy Managing Director of the Technical and Network Department at Bouygues Telecom: “Digital identity is at the heart of various challenges facing our digital society today. For Bouygues Telecom, innovation is only useful if it serves the interests of humanity and upholds the values of ethical conduct and responsibility. By supporting this chair, we are contributing to the debate and playing an active role in the conversation. Its work will provide new insights into the acceptability of digital identity and the social and societal implications for citizens.”

Nicolas Glady, Director of Telecom Paris: Digital identity is a topic of growing concern in our information spaces. As the leading engineering school for digital technologies, Télécom Paris is delighted to have this opportunity to address the issue, working as always in close partnership with the business world.In particular, I would like to thank our sponsors, Thales and Bouygues Telecom.

The RD-ID chair will conduct research into the development of digital identity solutions that are reliable, ethical and desirable, based on studies of citizens’ social representations and practices and drawing on human and social sciences in a participatory approach to research.

The chair’s work will include field surveys in France and internationally and will involve users at every stage of its research. It will also be supported by a multi-partner, interdisciplinary think tank open to scientists as well as representatives of regulators, the business community and civil society. The think tank will play a key role in putting the chair’s research findings to the test as part of a reflexive process.

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