TEFAF Maastricht art fair 2015: 75,000 visitors from 65 countries; 400 private jets recorded at Maastricht – Aachen airport

MAASTRICHT, 25-3-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — ‘Visitor figures and sales this year testify to the strength of TEFAF 2015. Since the inception of the fair over a quarter of a century ago the market has changed and so has the fair. TEFAF will continue to evolve to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global landscape.’ This is the view of Willem van Roijen, Chairman of the Executive Committee at the close of the 28th edition of TEFAF Maastricht, which ran from 13-22 March 2015 in the MECC, Maastricht.

Reflecting on this year’s fair, art dealer and exhibitor Jorge Welsh from Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain and Works of Art said: ‘It is such a privilege to be part of this extraordinary fair that, in the words of visiting collectors and museum representatives, it is a must for anyone that is a serious player in the art market. TEFAF 2015 has once again been a very successful fair for us on many fronts including strong sales to eight different nationalities. There is no other event such a concentration of so many high quality and important works of art nor any other offering a comparable opportunity to meet up and network with the different groups that make the art market, collectors, academics and fellow dealers.’

The total visitor figures for TEFAF 2015 were about 75,000 proving once again that the fair is in robust health. Collectors came to the fair from 65 countries, a record 400 private jets were recorded at Maastricht – Aachen airport. Museum attendance was also at record levels with many dealers reporting sales to institutions across the globe with 262 in attendance. Forging alliances with world-class museums has always been high on the agenda at TEFAF. The loan exhibition this year came from The Teylers Museum, the oldest museum in The Netherlands. Held in the TEFAF Paper section, there were 28 drawings from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Marjan Scharloo, Director of the Teylers Museum said: ‘The enthusiasm of the visitors for the treasures we have had on display at TEFAF 2015 has exceeded our expectations. We are most delighted with all the interest shown, which will be a massive boost to the museum.’

Developing original and relevant initiatives is an important part of the fair’s culture and this year Night Fishing has been a commercial and curatorial success. The specially designed area hosted a group of contemporary sculptures for sale from eight galleries who have never exhibited at the fair before. Guest curator Sydney Picasso said, ‘Night Fishing made a direct connection between different art forms and has enabled visitors to re-examine traditional practices with new eyes and provide fresh perspectives.’

The fair is also delighted to announce that AXA Art, the principal sponsor of TEFAF since 2004, has confirmed another three years of alliance with the fair. ‘Like the rest of the art world in attendance at TEFAF, this year we were once again engulfed in beauty, history and quality’, said Kai Kuklinski, AXA Art’s global CEO. ‘AXA Art takes pride in its established relationship as Principal Sponsor of TEFAF Maastricht, highly acclaimed for its art and collectible offerings at the highest level. We look forward to three more years of continuing our long-standing partnership with TEFAF as one of the most striking and rewarding examples of being part of the art community’.

This year is the last of Paul Hustinx’s tenure as Managing Director. Hustinx commented: ‘To my mind this has been one of the finest fairs ever. The spectacular new entrance hall, the first edition of Night Fishing, the impressive collection of drawings that Teylers Museum brought for the loan exhibition, and certainly not forgetting the new look catering, made this the perfect year for me to say farewell. I have every confidence that I am leaving the fair and its dealers in the safe hands of my very knowledgeable and cherished team and my successor.’

The flower displays at the fair are always very popular and TEFAF 2015 was no different. Over the course of the fair, 24,000 roses, 58,500 tulips, 22,500 spring flowers and 31,000 branches of blossom were used to create the displays. At the Private View on Thursday 12th March there were over 10,000 guests who consumed 13,600 glasses of champagne and more than 150,000 canapés, all hand made by 80 chefs and served by 400 waiting staff. During set up, Stabilo, the stand builders used 38,000 metres of carpet, 148,000 metres of electric cabling, all held together with 920,000 staples and transported into the fair by 150 trucks. They walked 30,000 km and consumed 40,000 sugar cubes in the process.

The next edition of TEFAF will take place from 11-20 March 2016 at the MECC, Maastricht.

TEFAF Maastricht
TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s leading art fair, is renowned for its commitment to excellence, expertise and elegance. This is reflected not only in the magnificent range of rare works that are offered for sale at the Fair, which will be held in the MECC Maastricht from 13-22 March in 2015, but also in the number of art collectors, both private and institutional, that regard TEFAF as a must-see event in the art market calendar.

Art, more than an Asset
TEFAF shares its view of art as more than an asset with its principal sponsor, AXA Art. Their partnership provides art collectors with unique expertise covering the full range of risk prevention, conservation, recovery and restoration, to enable them to maintain their collections in the best possible condition. www.axa-art.com




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