TDC and YouSee customers first in Denmark to read books on their mobile phones and tablets

Copenhagen, Denmark, 19-5-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — TDC’s and YouSee’s customers are the first in Denmark who can read books on their mobile phones and tablets and pay the bill via their subscriptions. This will be accomplished in collaboration with Mofibo, the e-book service, which has more than 10,000 books in its virtual bookcase.

Our target: TDC’s and YouSee’s customers should have access to most high quality digital content. We have therefore entered into a partnership with Mofibo, which will give our customers discount access to the thousands of e-books in Mofibo’s bookshelves.

“Our collaboration with Mofibo will add value for our customers. At TDC and YouSee, a mobile phone is not just for calls and texting – in just a few minutes it can be converted into a private library to take with you wherever you go. Whether you are sitting on a bus or in your dentist’s waiting room, you will always have you favourite books at hand,” says Johan Kirstein Brammer, senior executive vice president of TDC Consumer.

Just as TDC and YouSee have helped digitise the Danes’ music and film habits with TDC Play, YouBio and YouMusic, it is now time for e-books, explains Johan Kirstein Brammer:

“We are taking e-books to another level, while continuing to play a significant role in the Danes’ use of new digital content services. The potential for e-books in Denmark is extensive because we have some of the highest book prices in the world. We therefore believe that there is a real interest in e-books at fixed low prices.”

Mofibo’s CEO, Morten Strunge, is also delighted with the partnership and regards it as an opportunity to awaken the passion for reading in even more people:

“We want to make it easy and accessible for people to read good books anywhere at any time. Clearly, Danes read more when they have a good book at hand and can squeeze in a chapter or two on a busy weekday. In collaboration with TDC and YouSee, we offer even more Danes unlimited reading. ”


  • Mofibo is the first and largest e-book service in Denmark with unlimited access to thousands of e-books that can be read on tablets or mobile phones.
  • Mofibo was developed in cooperation with Danish publishers and authors who also wish to ride the e-wave.
  • With the new collaboration, TDC and YouSee customers can buy Mofibo as a bolt-on product for DKK 79 – i.e. DKK 20 less than from Mofibo itself, which can be paid for via a mobile phone and broadband subscription.
  • At TDC, the service is available for all customers with a mobile subscription, a mobile broadband subscription and a broadband subscription. All YouSee mobile customers can use the service.
  • The first month is free of charge and with no kind of ties.

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