Syngenta Biologicals and Intrinsyx Bio Partner to Advance Sustainable Agriculture Through Innovative Biological Solutions

Syngenta Biologicals and Intrinsyx Bio Partner to Advance Sustainable Agriculture Through Innovative Biological Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Syngenta Biologicals and Intrinsyx Bio have joined forces to introduce advanced biological solutions to global agriculture. This collaboration focuses on leveraging Intrinsyx Bio’s proprietary endophyte formulations, which enhance nutrient uptake in plants, reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and promoting environmental sustainability. The partnership underscores Syngenta’s commitment to advancing sustainable farming practices and expanding its biological solutions portfolio, following its acquisition of Valagro in 2020. Together, they aim to empower farmers worldwide with innovative tools to optimize crop productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

(PRESS RELEASE) BASEL, 9-Jul-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Syngenta Biologicals and Intrinsyx Bio have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at introducing a pioneering biological solution into global agricultural markets. This partnership leverages Intrinsyx Bio’s expertise in sustainable agriculture, specifically its proprietary endophyte formulations, which enhance nutrient availability and uptake in plants. These formulations, applied as seed treatments and foliar applications across major agricultural crops, reduce farmers’ reliance on synthetic fertilizers while promoting soil health and environmental sustainability.

Jonathan Brown, Global Head of Syngenta Biologicals and Seedcare, highlighted the collaboration as a pivotal step towards advancing agricultural sustainability: “Syngenta is committed to revolutionizing farming practices through innovative solutions that support both plant health and environmental stewardship. Our partnership with Intrinsyx Bio underscores this commitment by offering farmers enhanced tools to optimize nutrient management and crop productivity.”

Greg Thompson, CEO of Intrinsyx Bio, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential impact: “This collaboration expands the global reach of our proven biological solutions, empowering farmers with effective tools to improve nutrient use efficiency and increase yields. We are excited to work with Syngenta to advance sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.”

Syngenta’s investment in biological solutions has been a cornerstone of its strategy to enhance agricultural productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Following its acquisition of Valagro in 2020, Syngenta has continued to expand its biological portfolio through strategic collaborations and robust R&D initiatives. These efforts underscore Syngenta’s commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture and addressing global food security challenges through innovation and partnership.

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About Intrinsyx Bio

Intrinsyx Bio is a Silicon Valley biotech company that partners with the world’s leading global agricultural companies to promote sustainable agriculture and deliver biology that works. Through the use of naturally occurring endophytes, Intrinsyx Bio enables farmers to improve nutrient uptake, enhance plant health, and increase crop yields while reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.

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