Swisscom launches two new offerings for its fixed-network customers

Berne, 19-5-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Swisscom fixed-network customers benefit from two new offerings. First, as from today they can be reached anywhere in the world via their existing fixed-line number thanks to a unique new feature in Swisscom’s iO communications app. The new iO@home feature allows customers with a Vivo combined package and an iPad to make unlimited calls via their fixed-line number to all Swiss networks, no matter whether they are phoning from Switzerland or abroad. Second, customers subscribing to a Vivo M, L or XL package can now take advantage of a cheaper TV offering.

Despite the continuing boom in mobile communications, many people are still attached to their fixed-line number, mainly because this is the number that most people know and call first. With iO, Swisscom customers can now be reached anytime over the Internet via their existing fixed-line number: calls are routed at the same time to the customer’s tablet – anywhere in the world and at no extra charge. For customers with a Vivo package, the new iO feature offers even more: they can make unlimited calls using their fixed-line number and an Internet connection to all Swiss networks, no matter whether they are phoning from Switzerland or abroad. The service is currently available on iPads and can be used by customers with a Swisscom fixed line. The communications app can be downloaded free of charge from the App store. The app will be made available for other tablets in the future. This extension to include fixed-line numbers clearly sets iO apart from other services like WhatsApp or Skype.

Cheaper Vivo packages for Internet-focused customers

The second new offering concerns new options available with Vivo packages: Vivo M, L and XL customers can now choose a TV offering with fewer programmes and without catch-up TV, for CHF 15 less a month. For example, the Vivo L package with an Internet speed of up to 100 Mbps now starts at CHF 109 a month. The package is aimed at customers who attach greater importance to fast web-browsing and carefree phoning than to TV viewing.

The Vivo portfolio has also been expanded to include new calling options. The new “International Option“ allows Swisscom Vivo customers a monthly call allowance of 500 minutes to all fixed and mobile networks in the EU/Western Europe, USA and Canada for CHF 25 a month. The “Country Option“, allowing unlimited phone calls to a country of choice, has been extended at no extra charge: the monthly charges now apply round the clock and no longer just in the evenings or at weekends.


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