Swedbank Robur: fee reduction on 10 funds will positively impact over half a million of our savers

Swedbank Robur: fee reduction on 10 funds will positively impact over half a million of our savers

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 12-Nov-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Swedbank Robur, an equity-based mutual fund and one of Scandinavia’s largest asset managers, has announced fee reduction on 10 of its funds that will have a positive impact on over half a million of the fund’s savers.

At the end of October, Swedbank Robur adopted the decision to reduce the fee of 10 of their funds, which involves a fee reduction for the funds of between 0.1- 0.3 percentage points. The reduction is a result of the continuous work to review and ensure a relevant and attractive product offering, as well as further aligning the product offer with the fund company’s business strategy which platform is based on simplicity, innovation and sustainability.

The purpose of the fee reduction is to ensure an attractive offer to savers and to continue building on a transparent, logical, and easy to understand fee model.

“We strive to offer our savers products that are well in the market in terms of price, and continuously review our funds’ fee levels to ensure our competitiveness. One of the central starting points in this work, among other things, is product characteristics and the customer’s expectation, and that it is a price level that is sustainable over time. In the last two years, we have made 12 fee reductions and are now taking the next step and implementing yet another 10, which has a positive impact on over half a million of our savers,” says Liza Jonson, CEO Swedbank Robur.

The price reduction, which applies as of the 16th of November 2021, concerns the following of Swedbank Robur’s funds:

Fund Current fee New fee per November 16, 2021
Bas 25 0,80% 0,70%
Bas 50 1,00% 0,90%
Bas 75 1,20% 1,10%
Räntefond Flexibel 0,4% 0,2%
Räntefond Kort Plus 0,4% 0,2%
Selection 25 0,90% 0,80%
Selection 50 1,20% 1,00%
Selection 75 1,40% 1,20%
Stiftelsefond 1,30% 1,00%
Stiftelsefond Utd. 1,30% 1,00%

Media contact:
Carina Sesser Nylund, Press manager, Swedbank Robur ph. +46 72 230 52 64

Risk information
Historical growth is no guarantee of future yields. The value of your fund savings can both rise and fall, which is why there can be no guarantee that you will get back your original investment. Please read prospectuses available on the website swedbankrobur.com or visit a retailer.

SOURCE: Swedbank Group


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