Supernatural thriller based on Sylvain Runberg pitch is NENT Group’s next original series to premiere on Viaplay in 2020

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, NENT Group EVP and Head of Content: “Our storytelling is now redrawing the landscape again with a whole new genre – Nordic comic noir.
Photo: Gunnar Ask.

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 15-Feb-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — A supernatural thriller based on a pitch by acclaimed Belgian graphic novelist Sylvain Runberg will be the next original series from Nordic Entertainment Group. The name is ‘Cryptid’ and the series will exclusively premiere on NENT Group’s Viaplay streaming service across the Nordic region in early 2020. The plan is to have at least 20 original productions every year, but it will start off with 10 episodes lasting 22 minutes each.

The story starts with the strange death of a high-school student that triggers a series of mysterious events in the idyllic lakeside town of Mörkstad in Sweden. As the friends of the student try to investigate what has happened and are getting closer to uncovering the truth, they are facing an ancient and terrifying secret hidden beneath the dark waters of the lake.

The name of the original series is still with its working title, which is ‘Cryptid’ and is based on a pitch by graphic novelist Sylvain Runberg. Hi is the Silver Award winner at the 2011 International Manga Award.

Lead writer will be Novelist Anna Jakobsson Lund while Daniel di Grado and David Berron will co-direct the series.

The producers of the new original series are Patrick Nebout and Mia Sohlman for Stockholm-based production company Dramacorp, along with Fredrik Ljungberg from NENT Group.

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, NENT Group EVP and Head of Content:

“Our storytelling is now redrawing the landscape again with a whole new genre – Nordic comic noir. ‘Cryptid’ is a first of its kind short-form series that blends the rich palette and imagery of the graphic novel with a tense and intelligent drama. This series will bring the art of the supernatural thriller to new heights – and viewers to the edge of their seats.”

About NENT Group’s original productions:

NENT Group is set to premiere a minimum of 20 originals every year. ‘Hidden’; ‘The Truth Will Out’; ‘Four Hands Menu’; ‘Pros and Cons’; ‘Conspiracy of Silence’; ‘Couple Trouble’; ‘Rig 45’; ‘The Lawyer’; ‘Stella Blómkvist’; season one of ‘ALEX’; ‘Couple Thinkers’; ‘Occupied’; ‘Hassel’; ‘Peppy Pals’; ‘Superswede’; ‘Veni Vidi Vici’; seasons one and two of ‘Swedish Dicks’; seasons one and two of ‘The Great Escape’; and seasons one and two of ‘Black Lake’ have already premiered.

Recently announced originals include ‘Commando’; ‘Face to Face’; ‘Casper Conquers Norway’; ‘Honour’; ‘Love Me’; season two of ‘ALEX’; ‘Saga’s Stories’; ‘The Inner Circle’; ‘Cold Courage’; ‘Darkness – Those Who Kill’; ‘Wisting’; and ‘Straight Forward’.

Nearly half of NENT Group’s originals have been picked up internationally.

‘ALEX’ has been sold to broadcast and streaming partners in Europe, Asia and the US; ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ has premiered on Hulu; ‘Swedish Dicks’ on Pop TV in the US; ‘Black Lake’ has been shown on BBC Four and AMC Networks-backed Shudder; and the upcoming series ‘Honour’ has been sold to Belgium’s VRT.

Recently, NENT Group partnered with award-winning independent studio FilmNation Entertainment in a joint venture in UK aimed at producing premium scripted television content for global audiences.

NENT Group, which stands for Nordic Entertainment Group is the leading entertainment provider in the Nordic region.  Based in Stockholm, NENT Group is part of Modern Times Group MTG AB. NENT Group is going to be listed separately on Nasdaq Stockholm in March 2019.

SOURCE: Nordic Entertainment Group



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