SuperJet International launched Gazpromavia Flight Crew Training Courses at its Training Centers in Italy and Russia

28-6-2013 — / — SuperJet International (SJI) has launched the first Gazpromavia Flight Crew Training Courses at its Training Centers in Venice (Italy) and Moscow (Russia).

Two Gazpromavia flight crews are currently engaged in the ground course and will rapidly start the practical course on the SSJ100 Full Flight Simulator (FFS).

Four additional flight crews will commence training by the end of May and 5 crews will be involved in the second half of 2013. SuperJet International expects to train 20 pilots in 2014 and 18 pilots in 2015 for Gazpromavia airline.

In parallel, training courses are underway for cabin attendants on the CEET (Cabin Evacuation Emergency Trainer). 11 cabin attendants have been already trained, additional 12 will be engaged in 2013 and 37 are expected in 2014.

SuperJet International also completed the first maintenance Type Training course for 14 Gazpromavia trainees. Additional 27 technicians will start in the next months.

“Training represents an important portion of our business – states Nazario Cauceglia, Chief Executive officer of SuperJet International – our Company is keen to provide top quality training services fully compliant with international regulations. We have shortly enhanced our training capacity with the availability of a new EASA certified SSJ100 Full Flight Simulator in Venice, where Interjet flight crews, cabin attendants and maintenance technicians are currently engaged”.

Interjet pilots have been the first Customer to receive training in Venice on the new simulator since March 2013. Namely, 6 flight crews have already successfully completed the Type Rating, 8 are closed to the final step of the course and a total of 40 flight crews are expected to be trained by the end of this year.

Given the international nature of the SSJ100 product, SuperJet International has established two facilities based in Venice and in Moscow for its training opportunities. Both are equipped with a SSJ100 simulator “Reality 7”, which replicates the aircraft’s cockpit with state-of-the-art visual and motion system, enabling pilots to achieve the SSJ100 Type Rating training without using the real aircraft.

As of today, by the two training centers, SJI has trained 186 pilots, 83 cabin attendants and 691 maintenance technicians of Aeroflot, Armavia, Yakutia, Sky Aviation, Lao Central, Interjet and Gazpromavia airlines.

The Russian airline Gazpromavia is the first customer to receive the SSJ100 Long Range. The LR version’s certification campaign has been already finalized and the Supplemental Type Certificate for the SSJ100 Long Range version is expected to be achieved in June 2013. The first delivery will follow accordingly.



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