SUEZ to manage Toulouse Métropole wastewater public service for the next 12 years

PARIS, 18-Dec-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — Toulouse Métropole has awarded SUEZ the contract to manage its wastewater public service for the next 12 years. Worth a total of 520 million euros, the contract will take effect on 1 January 2020. The Group will manage all 17 wastewater treatment plants and 3,700km of wastewater networks in the Métropole’s 37 municipalities.

With a view to improving treatment capacity, protecting infrastructures and preserving the natural environment, SUEZ plans to invest 100 million euros in treatment plants and networks and will call on the expertise of its 210 employees based in the region. The new wastewater public service will offer all Métropole inhabitants an attractive, common tariff (€1.37/m3 VAT incl.).

Citizens play an active, long-term role in their service
The service will be provided by a dedicated company placed under Toulouse Métropole’s supervision, under the terms of open and transparent governance that will set a new standard in relations between public authorities and private companies. A monitoring committee made up of representatives of civil society (environmental associations, user associations and the scientific community) will be set up. Local citizens will therefore play an active, long-term role in their wastewater service.

Cooperation with local partners, for the benefit of residents
SUEZ will be particularly committed to welcoming new teams, made up of workers previously employed by the former operators and local government officers. SUEZ also plays an active role in developing the local economy and has pledged to hand over more than 100 million euros’ worth of services to over 70 local partners chosen for the value they bring to the service, their competitiveness and their capacity for innovation. In addition, 178,000 hours of work will be allocated specifically to long-term unemployed people for the entire duration of the contract. This amounts to the equivalent of ten full-time employees.

A wastewater service supporting the region’s energy transition
In line with the Métropole’s regional Climate Air Energy Plan, SUEZ has committed to reduce the environmental footprint of its wastewater service. In addition to an environmentally-friendly transport scheme using 100% light electric vehicles, the service will allow:

  • the injection of 58 GWh/year of biomethane produced from sewage sludge back into the gas network (the equivalent of the annual consumption of a town of 20,000 inhabitants),
  • the production of 25% more energy at Ginestous-Garonne wastewater treatment plant than the facility uses,
  • the production of 10 GWh/year of heat which will be used to run plants and heat premises, and of 1 GWh/year of electricity from 11,000 sq. metres of solar panels.

Ginestous-Garonne, an odourless plant
Toulouse Métropole’s “Zero Smell Plan” offers SUEZ the opportunity to deploy its skills in reducing olfactory footprints. At Ginestous-Garonne treatment plant, the Group will optimise processes, install smart sensors and adopt a modelling solution that monitors olfactory emissions in real time. In addition, a jury of local residents will be responsible for identifying and signalling bad smells using a mobile app.

Innovative technology for a smart city
Literally crammed with technology, a hypervision center will bring together all the employees, tools and digital technology necessary for monitoring Toulouse Métropole’s wastewater service in real time. Data from sensors on the network and at treatment plants will be analysed continuously and used to optimise maintenance operations and predict flooding.

SUEZ is proud to support Toulouse Métropole in its energy transition through innovative solutions that can anticipate the impacts of urbanisation and climate change. Through its wastewater service, SUEZ is actively committing to creating resources and value for the 750,000 inhabitants of this exceptional region

Marie-Ange DebonGroup Senior Executive VP in charge of France, Italy and Central Europe

Elodie Vandevoorde
+33 1 58 81 54 46



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